Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the use or the consumption of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed for evaluation and acquisition of the product.

Knowledge: Add knowledge

Relative benefits – Help customers understand the unique benefits of your product

B. Establish reputation for brand

Use brand name to establish reputation
Use name to suggest unique benefit

Use adjective describing the unique benefit

No. Year SIC Note
1 1991 2000 ConAgra has one brand name (Healthy Choice) that extends to a variety of products. The company is making the most out of its name.
2 9187 2080 Many of Traditional Medicines teas contain herbs reputed to have healing properties but never tested by the FDA. The company makes no healing claims for these teas, but does its best to get the point across with suggestive names.
3 2005 2800 In April, Procter & Gamble's Crest division will launch its new mouthwash, Crest Pro-Health Rinse. Though the Crest name has become almost synonymous with toothpaste, this is the brand's first foray into mouthwash.
4 1994 2840 Procter & Gamble bought Old Spice from a unit of American Cyanamid in 1990 for $300 million on the belief that it could take the brand younger. P&G refocused the brand on performance, launching Old Spice High Endurance in 1994 and targeting males 18 to 34.
5 1987 2844 Eclipse has gone so far as to name its new sunblocker Skin Cancer Garde. Advertisements include a warning by the Skin Cancer Foundation about the dangers of too much sun.
6 1991 2844 The secret to LA Looks is the colorful appeal of the packaging, its sexy name, and a low price.
7 1988 3011 Most tire manufacturers produce commodities. Only Goodrich uses brand names to identify its products–TempRite, Quick Break, Blazemaster.
8 2000 3140 Timberland is hoping to build a lifestyle brand, and differentiate it from the rest of the pack. They will also add a third merchandising category, called outdoor recreation, to a lineup that now includes its Trek Travel and rugged casual categories.
9 1992 3420 When Gillette created Sensor, it shifted to media advertising, to build brand image, rather than spending on promotional expenditures.
10 2004 3576 At an event at Silicon Valley's Computer history museum on May 25, Cisco Systems CEO will unveil a product that the industry has been anticipating for the past two years: a top-of-the-line router code-named HFR, for "huge fast router."
11 2002 3711 Industry leaders can often shape a powerful threat more effectively if they join forces. In 1991, the Big Three U.S. Automakers created a joint venture, the United States Advanced Battery Consortium, to develop new electric technologies.
12 1991 5812 McDonald's McLean Deluxe, a beef and water burger, keeps its percentage of fat under the 30% level recommended by the American Heart Association.

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