Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the use or the consumption of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed for evaluation and acquisition of the product.

Knowledge: Add knowledge

Relative benefits – Help customers understand the unique benefits of your product

B. Establish reputation for brand

Get professional or third party endorsement

Claim market leadership as customer endorsement

No. Year SIC Note
1 2003 0 Corporations that are global have global visibility, aspirations, and reach. There is prestige attached to a brand that has made it globally. People everywhere are likely to recognize and respect the brand. There is an implication that if it is successful on a global stage, it must also deliver innovation and quality products and services. A challenge is to reap the benefit of the global image without appearing distant and bureaucratic.
2 2004 2000 The M3 Power by Gillette at $14.99 is expensive. A staggering 67% premium over the suggested full retail price of Schick's Quattro and the Mach3 Turbo. In the competitive market even $10 is a major barrier. Schick may soon offer a cheaper battery-powered alternative of its own. A significant number of men may still want to try Gillette's first battery powered wet shaving system. Gillette brings competitive advantages by claiming 74% of the $7 bullion global wet shaving market vs. the 12% Schick claims. Gillette will launch an upgraded women's razor Venus Divine.
3 1997 3572 Quantum has unveiled plans to develop higher capacity DLT models in the future, and the competition will find it increasingly difficult to compete with its large installed base.
4 2004 3711 In Europe, Japanese auto brands are not only dominating markets in share but are also ranking vastly above their U.S. and European counterparts in quality and customer satisfaction. Since 1999 when trade quotas for foreign car imports were dropped in the European Union, Japanese car models have flooded European markets and taken over market share.
5 2004 3711 BMW's cars retain more of their value (54%) than do those of its luxury competitors.
6 2002 3751 Harley Davidson has carefully controlled production to slowly close the demand gap without compromising quality. The company has kept production growth to 13% a year since 1986.
7 1997 3844 With 37 units installed worldwide, the company is the market leader for certified explosive detection equipment used on checked baggage.
8 2003 3845 Landauer charges $40 to $45 a year per person for a badge that measures radiation. The company collects them and tests for exposure. Landauer has 50% market share with 60,000 customers in the U.S. and 1.3 million worldwide. All customers pay in advance.
9 1987 4512 By the end of 1986, United offered 59 flights to 18 cities from Dulles, New York Air had 53 flights to 16 cities. Presidential, by comparison, offered only 35 flights to 14 locations.
10 1998 4833 Networks also argue that they can still reach every corner of America, something cable companies still cannot duplicate. NBC says it reaches 59% of all adults under the age of 50 in a single week, 21% more than the top 10 cable networks combined.
11 2002 6531 Discount real estate brokerages have been operating on the web for several years. Their growth has been limited because they generally do not have access to the exclusive listings that members of the National Association of Realtors share.
12 1992 7372 WordPerfect ad promises that "as long as you choose WP, there are no wrong choices." (Assures customers they won't have the waste of getting an obsolete product and changing later.)
13 2003 7372 Intuit's tax software costs much more than its rival H&R Block's product. Intuit still manages to dominate the market even as its product, TurboTax, has 25%-50% premium over H&R's product.

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