Brainstorming Ideas: Final Customer Purchasing from a Producer of the Product

Final customer buying from a product producer. Final or end-user customers incur four cost steps in connection with the product sold by a producer.

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the use or the consumption of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed for evaluation and acquisition of the product.

A. Knowledge

Resources: Reduce resources required for the use of the product

  1. Money

  2. Time – Reduce the time the customer must spend with the product

    1. Reduce steps the customer must use with the product

    2. Improve wait times in the process


      1. Warnings and advice Examples>>

      2. Add to the main produce components the customer uses

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        2. Build complementary product into main product Examples>>

      3. Offer products that could be purchased with the main product, saving purchase time

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        2. Offer products used sequentially with the main product Examples>>

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