Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the use or the consumption of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed for evaluation and acquisition of the product.

Resources: Reduce resources required for the use of the product

Energy – Reduce the energy the customer uses with the product

Health – Reduce the toll the product takes on the customer’s health

No. SIC Year Note
1 0 1989 Many companies are using 800 numbers to get feedback on problems associated with their products, so that they can improve the products. Ex: Kraft rearranged vents on packaged meals to make them less likely to burn fingers after heating.
2 2000 2003 The Atkins name confers trust. This allows the company to charge high prices–like six dollars for a box of cereal. Atkins pasta is based on soybeans, which don't cost much more than wheat, yet Atkins charges $4.99 a box, twice as much as wheat-based noodles. Kraft aims to highlight low-carb content of some of its meats and cheeses. In March, Heinz One Carb Ketchup will hit stores.
3 2086 2005 PepsiCo Inc's Gatorade has added a new endurance formula with nearly twice the sodium and three times the potassium of the original which was created in 1965. The product is aimed at runners, teenagers competing in all-day soccer tournaments and construction workers.
4 2299 2003 Chapman Innovation's CEO believes CarbonX outperforms all other fire resistant materials, even the market-leading fabric, Nomex. However, Nomex is already everywhere: racing suits, oven mitts, firefighters' clothing, and even upholstery in airplanes.
5 3600 2003 In California, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has moved to a phase where perchloroethylene also known as "perc," will no longer be used. Perc is a chemical solvent used in 85% of all dry cleaners in the U.S. and as of 2004, because the solvent is harmful to the environment, all cleaning machines must be replaced with new ones. A $2 billion company called Miele & Cie GmbH that makes dishwashers and other household appliances will benefit from this new legislation. The company uses water based washers and dryers as its cleaning systems. The company has first grabs at a potential $1.5 billion market.
6 4953 1988 Scientists at MSU have developed clays that strongly attract organic chemicals, eliminating leaks that allow toxic chemicals to leak out into the groundwater.
7 5812 2000 In the eighties, Allied Domecq's Baskin-Robbins was being pummeled by competitors Ben & Jerry and Haagen-Dazs. It missed out on the frozen yogurt and ice-cream beverage fads as well. Allied has helped B-R by adding new flavors.

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