Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Use Steps: Use steps include all the customer's value added activities or the consumption of the product itself. These steps include all the costs the customer incurs in employing the product in its intended use.

Resources: Reduce resources required for the use of the product

Energy: Reduce the energy the customer uses with the product

A. Effort – Reduce the physical constraints on the customer

Overcome physical limitations of the user
Alter dimensions

Make product larger

No. SIC Year Note
1 3572 2002 The 128-megabyte USB drives cost between $60-100 while CDs go for dollars and floppies go for pennies. Consumers also don't know much about USB drives.
2 3663 1992 A popular add-on to cell phones is a car adapter with an antenna.
3 3699 2000 Game Boy has stayed close to its roots. "We've always tried to keep it simple." Game Boy Advance is a new product that is a move up in technology. The screen, moved from vertical to horizontal, is 50% larger than the current one. Its central processing unit is more powerful. The system also improves on multiplayer functions.
4 3711 2005 Honda unveiled the production of its first-ever pickup truck, the Ridgeline, which will aim at a slice of the lucrative large and midsize personal-use pickup market. The Ridgeline is built on a chassis derived from the auto maker's mini vans, and has a built-in storage hold underneath the pickup bed.
5 3711 1999 Struggling with slimmer profit margins and overcapacity in the light-truck market, auto makers are rushing to craft new strategies. The most eye-catching shift in the truck market will be the onslaught of sport-utility pickups, and light-duty pickups with four car-like doors.
6 3949 2001 In 1991, Callaway Golf created "Big Bertha," a large, popular golf club. The club had a simple two-point marketing strategy: that most golfers are not expert, but average, and that these golfers would then be better suited to such a large club as "Big Bertha". Callaway's straightforward and streamlined marketing campaigns have made Callaway the number one maker of irons, drives, and putters in the world.
7 4512 2004 American Airlines announced it will drop its "More Room Throughout Coach" program completely. The legroom on 737s, 767s, 777s and MD80s will drop from a pitch of 33 to 35 inches to the 31 to 32 inches American has in its 757s and A300s. By contrast, Midwest's Signature Service has 33 to 34 inches of pitch in its MD80s, but the seats are not low-fare. JetBlue's low-fare A320 seats have 34 inches of pitch in rows 11 and higher. Frontier's A319s have 33-inch pitch seats. United's new "ps" flights between New York and Los Angeles or San Francisco offer 34-inch pitch in coach but narrow, 757-width seats.

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