Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Use Steps: Use steps include all the customer's value added activities or the consumption of the product itself. These steps include all the costs the customer incurs in employing the product in its intended use.

Experience: Enhance the experience the customer has with the product

2. Associate the company or the product with an image to increase customer pleasure in using the product

D. Suggest personal characteristics of the user of the product

Hip, cool, trend leader

Independent or unique

No. SIC Year Note
1 2000 1996 Kraft added water to powdered Crystal Light and packaged it in fancy plastic bottles that look like Evian water. Sales are passing competitors'.
2 2082 2003 The Samuel Adams beer brand part of the Boston Brewing Co. is the best-selling brand. However it is not attracting new customers. For young male drinkers, Sam Adams is the brand their fathers drink, so they turn to more recent creations such as Fat Tire, Magic Hat, Stella Artois and even ancient domestic brands like Yuengling and Pabst.
3 2300 1985 Esprit further set apart from the others by its design concept: a broad and constantly changing line of fashion sportswear, all executed in a variety of vivid colors and bold prints and all meant to be mixed and matched.
4 2389 1999 Coach has managed to attract younger customers with the logoed non-leather Signature collection. However, as this line gets older, there is a risk of fashion obsolescence. The brand has gained new popularity among teens and hip-hop artists. But these markets are fickle and frequently rotate from one brand to the next.
5 2522 2001 With Red's bold colors, see-through paneling and abstract designs, Herman Miller is trying to reach customers such as Seattle software developer Zombie, which is run by entrepreneurs who are too cash and time-strapped to buy traditional office furniture but too chic for stiff old-style products.
6 3089 2001 New technology allows Brunswick to print images and designs on bowling balls. The Viz-A-Balls run at about $140 for plastic, up from $80 for typical balls.
7 3143 1986 Jumping-Jack's success based on its styling, not price. In the spring of 1985, CEO noticed that girls were wearing dresses with gold and silver threads running through them. 5 months later his gold and silver Little Capezios were sellouts.
8 3571 2003 Falcon Northwest has carved out a lucrative niche selling super-fast personal computers tricked out with custom paint jobs, to video-game fanatics who don't mind paying top dollar. The company has been building custom PCs relatively unchallenged. Sales have been up about 30% in each of the past two years.
9 3651 2004 The iPod, with the capacity to store 10,000 songs, has radically changed the way people listen to music. Half of Apple's estimated revenue growth is to come from iPod sales ($931 million) and downloads from iTunes ($220 million). Apple's share in the portable music-player market increased from 24% to 25%. Apple uses proprietary software to prevent the usage of iPods with downloads from other music sites.
10 3711 1998 "It seems like everyone and his brother has a Jeep. I wanted to break away from the pack.” says one customer of Lexus. Some 65% of RX 300 buyers haven't owned a Lexus before.
11 3711 2002 The Cadillac CTS is the most distinct of the new lower-end luxury vehicles, with Cadillac's modern, angular, and edgy Art & Science design.
12 3999 1995 Adolph Coors uses its Web site to imbue its Zima malt drink w/ a cult-like aura, inviting visitors to receive T-shirts and caps, and penning a serialized story featuring Zima-loving characters.
13 5411 2004 Whole Foods Market is a specialty chain that stocks out-of-the-ordinary items and healthy foods while offering a lively ambience. This combination appeals to younger shoppers, who enjoy the prepared snacks and hot foods in the store. Basics are bought at more traditional grocery stores. Trader Joe's and Food Lion's pilot concept called Bloom offer similar experiences to the same audience.
14 5812 2003 Panera's products are famous with its customers. It scored the highest in Restaurants and Institutions' annual Choice in Chains survey 2003 and also took the highest spot in the sandwich/bakery category.
15 7011 2001 Most hotels, like the Ritz-Carlton and Swissotel are limiting their modernizing renovations to the more visible bars and restaurants in order to appeal to customers lost to higher-priced, trendy boutique hotels. New restaurants offer innovative drinks and meals and are decorated in minimalist style.
16 7011 2003 Mandalay Resort Group's new Las Vegas venture, 'the Hotel' will feature high-tech and minimalist décor, teaming up with a new shopping mall, both aimed at hipsters. The Hotel will focus less on the casino and more on accommodations which appeal to conventioneers. They want to compete on aesthetics.

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