Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Use Steps: Use steps include all the customer's value added activities or the consumption of the product itself. These steps include all the costs the customer incurs in employing the product in its intended use.

Experience: Enhance the experience the customer has with the product

4. Entertain the customer while waiting for or using the product

Add entertainment as part of the main product

No. SIC Year Note
1 0 2001 When customers are forced to wait, it is important to add value to their time. This will reduce the irritation and engender their loyalty. Disney has done this by employing people to entertain visitors while they wait in lines. Wells Fargo’s ATM's allow internet access to check the news and sports scores.
2 1521 1987 Walnut Creek real estate appraiser to build a 180 unit elderly care facility which will feature a large library, chapel, general store, ice cream parlor run by residents. "Not institutional-like".
3 1521 1987 A Walnut Creek, CA real estate developer plans to build a 180 unit elderly care facility which will feature a large library, chapel, general store, and ice cream parlor run by residents.
4 1531 1996 Retirement-community developers across the country are scrapping the traditional features of housing in favor of more modern attractions like computer labs, weight rooms and lap pools.
5 3571 2003 The makers of hand-held computers (including companies like Palm) like to say that their products are great productivity-enhancing tools. But the truth is that many owners spend a lot of time playing games on the devices. The use of hand-held computers for games has taken off in the last 6 months as the devices have caught on in the mass market. Around 12 million PDA's are in use.
6 4481 1990 Promotions to fill berths include cruises for golfers, soap opera fans, jazz/big band, gourmets, & murder mystery fans. Some lines looking for more European passengers. Relationships w/ travel agents essential; they account for 90%+ of bookings.
7 4512 2004 Southwest's no frill flights are starting to change as upstarts like JetBlue offer equally low fares, plus frills like satellite TV and assigned seats.
8 4512 2000 Legend Airlines is poised to start flying 56-seat jets this month between Los Angeles and Washington, offering exclusively first-class seating, gourmet meals and satellite TV, all for regular coach fare.
9 4512 1986 Both Eastern and Pan Am will give away similar snacks. Pan Am will give away newspapers.
10 4512 2004 The Irish budget airline Ryanair could someday offer gambling as part of it's pay-for in-flight entertainment offering. The company recently began testing a portable in-flight entertainment system. For a fee, passengers are able to watch movies, music videos or cartoons from a console the size of a laptop computer. The airline has ordered 5,000 of the consoles. Technology is being developed that would allow passengers to pay for in-flight gambling with their credit cards.
11 4512 2003 Continental Airlines is likely to candidate to follow United's lead. The Houston based airline has already has 300 of its planes outfitted with the initial version of Verizon's Jet Connect. It takes only a simple software upgrade by Verizon to add e-mail capability.
12 5812 2002 Fritz's restaurant was just an ordinary sit-down burger joint until it's owner brought in the railroad. Suddenly the restaurant needed fewer waiters and waitresses and his customer base got younger as children heard about his patented invention: a train and track that delivers meals right to your table.
13 5812 2002 One chain has revived an old concept – with huge success. Sonic Corp. has increased profit 29% in its latest quarter. Its gimmick: Meals at its 2,400 restaurants are delivered entirely by carhops, with a growing number of them on roller skates. In addition to serving food, skating carhops perform shows on the lots, sign autographs for kids and often make more money in tips than wages.
14 5812 2003 Cosi's roughly 90 eateries have very impressive décor. The sandwiches – #22 tandoori chicken with roasted red peppers, #18 pesto chicken with sun-dried tomato spread – are different and tasty. The bread comes out of an open-hearth oven on the premises.
15 7011 1986 Kimpton has installed a first-class restaurant in each establishment to draw local attention. The Diva Hotel will have a VCR in every room, with a library of 300 films to draw on.
16 8062 2005 Amid heigtened competition from small birthing centers, hospitals are trying to improve amenities to make a better impression and garner loyalty from their patients. Extras include private rooms, sofa beds for visitors, improved interior design, play areas for siblings, free internet access, massages, portrait photographers and gourmet meals that seem more suited to a nice hotel than a hospital. Most of these amenities are included in the fees.

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