Intermediary Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Sell Steps: Sell steps include the activities Intermediary customers take in selling and delivering the product to their customers. These activities include their own customer recruitment and product delivery.

Knowledge: Add knowledge

1. Company and products – Help customers recognize and recall name of company and its products

c. Attract attention of customers to brand name

Create an unusual "theme"

No. SIC Year Note
1 2000 1987 Pet Inc: all of its Old El Paso products – can, jar or box – are a distinctive bright yellow and red. Pet tries to make sure supermarkets group them together to create a yellow wall. Same formula for Progresso Italian entree line, where all labels are blue.
2 2000 1990 To reverse the decline in the company's share of the grocery store spice business, McCormick spent over $20 million to redesign the retail line. Traditional white tins were replaced with modern-looking, clear plastic bottles.
3 2086 2003 As competition for consumer dollar heats up, beverage companies are in a scramble to extend their product lines and add new flavors. Last year they launched 70 products. Coca-Cola, the nation's top soft-drink maker, debuted Vanilla Coke. That same month, No. 3 Cadbury Schweppes launched Red Fusion and No. 2 PepsiCo introduced Pepsi Blue. Pepsi's has introduced a raft of new products, most bearing the Pepsi or Mountain Dew names. So far, its biggest hit has been cherry-flavored, caffeine-loaded Mountain Dew Code Red.
4 2499 2001 Wood-product companies are rolling out their first-ever advertising campaign with hopes that the tag "Be Constructive" will become as popular as "Got Milk?" The three-year, $45 million campaign will rely primarily on cable-television, billboard, and print advertising. The wood industry is a latecomer to category marketing but it was forced to respond when the Steel Alliance spent $100 million on a promotional campaign in 1997. It questioned the strength and safety of wood-frame homes.
5 2844 1991 The secret to L.A. Looks is the colorful appeal of the packaging, its sexy name, and a low price.
6 2911 1996 Quaker State dropped Burt Reynolds as an endorser and hired a new ad agency. It repackaged the product in bright green bottles to grab attention on store shelves.
7 3571 2000 Apple Computers has in the past attempted to put its logo onto other types of digital hardware, such as the Palm.

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