Intermediary Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Sell Steps: Sell steps include the activities Intermediary customers take in selling and delivering the product to their customers. These activities include their own customer recruitment and product delivery.

Knowledge: Add knowledge

3. Process where product is used – Explain how product can or should operate in customer cost system

c. Sell

Sales and service techniques for channel of distribution

No. SIC Year Note
1 2082 2002 Interbrew is aiming to transform Stella into a premium beer with a high price though it doesn't cost more to make than any of its regular beers. Their risky strategy was inspired by their rival Heineken who pioneered the global-brand strategy and continue to benefit from its success today. Interbrew did a test run in London where it is now the top import of the UK. In 1999 the company tested the beer in 20 of the most-exclusive bars in New York city. They explained to distributors to limit the Stella supply to those 20 bars and charge $100 a keg compared to Heineken's $85. Interbrew opened up "beer academies" that taught bartenders and wholesalers the proper etiquette of Stella beer. The timing was lucky for Interbrew, they debuted in New York just as there was an explosion of interest in Belgium.
2 2084 2002 In order to overcome the wine consumption slump, wineries are working with restaurateurs and retailers to get people to think about wine. Olive Garden works with Gallo to increase sales of wine with training and free tastings. In 2001, the company gave away 30,000 cases of free wine while doubling its wine sales.
3 2085 2004 Allied Domecq is using short descriptions of its scotches to encourage bartenders to recommend them to inexperienced whiskey drinkers. Tormore is "smooth & subtle citrus," for example, while Scapa is "heather & honey." The distiller decided to put more emphasis into what it calls entry-level scotches, when it noticed last year that young urban professionals were increasingly trying single malt scotches.
4 2300 1998 Fruit of the Loom decided to help distributors who wanted to set up their own Web sites, by giving them Web servers loaded with electronic catalog tools and templates, inventory management software, and order processing software.
5 2500 1995 Armstrong beefed up its Certified Flooring contractor program last year to increase customer satisfaction among specifiers and end users. Contractor salespeople who attended training seminars had twice the sales as did the average contractor.
6 2656 1988 Fort Howard is also the leader in the Distribution business. It offers Distribution sales and marketing programs second to none. These programs include such things as training distributors' sales staff, making joint calls.
7 2834 1992 Medco calls doctors to suggest their changing drugs to less expensive ones. 40% of the doctors switch and sometimes start prescribing the cheaper drug for their other patients. Gives customers that reduced cost.
8 3000 2003 Rubbermaid has a program that recruits students off college campuses in the US and Canada. They work closely with its retail partners in the store aisles. Rubbermaid wanted to build a culture in its company of understanding customers at the very grass-roots level.
9 3021 2000 Nike and Reebok plan to offer their marquee brands to only a handful of high-end stores. Nike recently opened its first outlet within a Nordstrom store. It also worked with Foot Locker to design its new Tuned Air line of shoes. When the product's design was completed, Nike agreed to sell the shoes exclusively at Foot Locker. Reebok will do the same with its new line of Black Top outdoor basketball shoes, which will debut this spring at Foot Locker.
10 3571 1987 Apple makes its software developers conform to a single set of commands which means that once an operator masters those commands, it is relatively simple to learn another Macintosh software package. IBM imposes no such rules.
11 3571 1990 IBM has courted educators by offering discounts, seminars and software designed in consultation with education experts.
12 3571 2005 EMC, IBM and Dell have made stronger pushes for the storage field, which often dovetails server sales. Mangers in Hewlett-Packard say server and storage unit execution will shore up the business, not a dramatic new strategy. The company is banking on a three step plan. They are hiring more sales people who know storage and related technology to help make more deals. The company is also making better use of its sales channels, especially against Dell. Dell sells directly to customers. Only 30-35% of HP's server resellers offer storage products.
13 3949 1992 Nike offers retailers a team of merchandisers to help them figure out what changes should be made to sell more to women.
14 3949 2003 Brunswick is pressing retailers to install fancy $100,000 displays for their tables. The "pavilions" spotlight tables on polished hardwood floors, under flattering track lights and beamed cathedral ceilings. Hard-core players aren't the target, and neither are the well-to-do men who made up 90% of Brunswick Billiards' $75 million in 2002 sales. The company is courting suburban women and interior designers with big houses to fill.
15 3950 1994 When an office-supplies superstore customer recently kicked off a joint venture in Australia, 3M dispatched two employees to its Australian subsidiary to educate that division on the special needs of a superstore.
16 5812 2001 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters spread its brand by selling in gas stations. To uphold its premium product, the company spent much effort and resources to ensure proper preparation and knowledge of its coffee. Now ExxonMobil accounts for 17% of sales.
17 5812 2001 To maintain its premium quality product in its sale at gas stations, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters distributed along with its coffee services, the tools which included coffee machines, cups, banners, and one to two-day courses about coffee farming, grinding and filtering.
18 6211 2004 Barclays Global Investors had little success with World Equity Benchmark Shares among individual investors and turned to managing money for smaller investors. They leveraged their index experience and educated investors with advertising, offering tools to help financial advisors use ETFs in clients' portfolios. BGI launched a large number of mutual funds all at once to provide building blocks for clients' portfolios.
19 6411 2005 With this new Helping Agents Grow campaign, agents can personalize the ads with their own name, and then they have the option to decide which audiences and media outlets best meet their local needs. The print ads provide several messages underscoring that independent agents are looking out for the interests of their customers.
20 7372 1995 Lexus came out with a CD-ROM program to teach its dealers how to sell and make customers feel good.

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