Intermediary Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Sell Steps: Sell steps include the activities Intermediary customers take in selling and delivering the product to their customers. These activities include their own customer recruitment and product delivery.

Resources: Reduce resources required for the use of the product

2. Time – Reduce the time the customer must spend with the product

Help customers obtain and use related products

No. SIC Year Note
1 2711 2000 was the first to market with customizable e-cards solution for Web sites who want to offer online greeting cards as a way to attract repeat visitors. Last December the company partnered with CBS backed portal, and electronic greeting cards are now one of the most popular features on the iWon site.
2 3571 2000 Apple Computer's new built-in applications such as iTunes digital music software and iDVD digital image software are the staples of Apple's goal to become a unique, central hub in the booming digital age. These applications are more important to Apple's newest Macs than any Internet programs or speedy processors.
3 3661 2002 The T-Mobile Sidekick, one of a growing number of handheld computer-phone combos, features a screen that rotates to reveal a keyboard for sending e-mail and instant messages. It is priced at $200 with monthly fees of $35. The product is aimed at 18 to 34-year olds.
4 4832 2005 Both XM and Sirius are on the verge of reaching a critical mass of subscribers and are trying to shore up their weaknesses. XM recently made a $650 million deal to air Major League Baseball games for the next 11 years.
5 6141 2000 EBay Inc. and Wells Fargo & Co. are teaming up on an ambitious plan to let millions of online enthusiasts take credit-card payments when selling items on the Internet. Billpoint, the joint effort of eBay and Wells Fargo, is meant to provide a faster way for both eBay users and other consumers to do business online. Buyers should be able to enter their credit-card data, click a button on their computer and electronically send money to the seller's checking account within seconds.
6 6513 2005 With the resurgence of urban living, Whole Foods Market Inc. has profited from serving the sophisticated tastes of these new city dwellers. Developers of the three-building complex in Miami that includes the Met 3 sought out Whole Foods to take up the ground floor of the Met 3 condo tower. It has been a huge draw for people to buy in the buildings, with a third of the condos in the building sold three years before the building is scheduled for completion.
7 7372 2002 In 2001, Intuit opened up the source software code in QuickBooks. "It's been a major component of our strategy. What we've known for years is that there are many developers who are interested in creating innovative solutions for small businesses. We made it easier for them to do that. The more innovation built around QuickBooks, the more valuable it is for a small business. Our partners, the (software) application developers, get a great opportunity to (make products for) that large base of customers we've built. Today we have 2.6 million active QuickBook customers."

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