Final Customer Buying from the Product Producer

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the use or the consumption of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed for evaluation and acquisition of the product.

2. Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment

A. Needs for comfort and status

2. Status in the community

Need for affiliation: Find segments of customers who wish to identify with a particular group in the society. They want to be a part of a group that has:
Distinctive style or appearance: Trendy:
On the cutting edge

No. SIC Year Note
1 2337 2002 The maker of Seven Jeans is the hottest upscale denim company on the market and among the priciest, at more than $100 a pair. Yet the company does no advertising. The jeans have been on the market for 18 months and no trendy boutique can keep them in stock.
2 3140 2004 A shift in trend away from white-on-white classic sneaker styles could also hamper K-Swiss. "Sneakerheads" – sneaker aficionados who trade rare styles on online auctioneer eBay as if they were dot-com stocks – have been shifting toward more color.
3 3571 2003 Some customers who are looking for computers want a computer that not only has technology innovations, but a cool and sleek design. "If you look at PCs from 10 years ago, there hasn't been much advancement in the cool factor."
4 3711 2001 Rivals' imitations of BMW's 3-Series are using advanced technology to attempt to get ahead, such as equipping cars with four-wheel drive, a move that BMW itself matched with some of its 3-Series models.
5 3711 2002 Volkswagen has been losing market share in the European market. The company is launching the Audi brand into a sportier image that will compete with BMW AG. The Volkswagen chairman says that the company will try to distinguish Audi from VW to help boost sales and profits. Audi has experienced recent success in the American market as it recovers from its downfall in the early 1990s. The car had allegations of safety problems and tough competition that drove the sales below 13,000 vehicles a year.
6 4813 2003 As part of Richard Branson's assault on the fastest-growing segment of the wireless business, prepaid phone plans, he is targeting young phone users with features such as piped-in music and news from MTV Networks or, for $2.95, an outgoing voice greeting from William Shatner. Virgin also offers bailout options from dates with "rescue ring" – an "emergency" call you can arrange to receive so you have a reason to bolt.

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