Final Customer Buying from the Product Producer

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the use or the consumption of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed for evaluation and acquisition of the product.

Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment.

Needs to avoid sources of anxiety

Limitations set by time: Segment customers according to the causes of the limitations set by time.

Delay related to purchase and installation: Segment customers according to delays before the customer receives or can use the product.
Segments where delays cause customers to be inactive. Delays caused by time required for:

Ancillary product delivery

No. SIC Year Note
1 3571 1990 Apple customers must wait for software (it's faster for IBM-compatibles).
2 4899 2003 CEO of UTStarcom Inc., found a vibrant populace in China badly in need of decent wireless phones. Then, as now, fewer than 10% of Chinese had a land line, and service was so poor that you had to dial several times before you get a dial tone.

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