Final Customer Buying from the Product Producer

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the use or the consumption of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed for evaluation and acquisition of the product.

3. Intellectual: Segment customers on the basis of their current knowledge and understanding of the company and its products.

A. Knowledge of company and company product

2. Familiarity with specific product

Customer knows of product but does not use it – Segment sees the product as:
Missing a Function

No. SIC Year Note
1 2000 1993 Crystal Light had virtually no advertising or promotions for half the year in cold months. So General Foods began promoting Crystal Light as a diet drink in January.
2 2043 1995 Boxes of General Mills Suncrunchers cereal and "new improved" Wheaties are turning up in samples in the driveway with the morning newspaper.
3 2086 1993 Perrier seeks to erase its image as a drink for aging yuppies; trying to recreate it as a thirst-quencher for the young by boosting ad spending.
4 2834 1991 Geritol is sponsoring swing-dance competitions across the US for seniors.
5 2840 1994 Procter & Gamble bought Old Spice from a unit of American Cyanamid in 1990 for $300 million on the belief that it could take the brand younger. P&G refocused the brand on performance, launching Old Spice High Endurance in 1994 and targeting males 18 to 34.
6 3021 2000 Nike and Reebok will launch print ad campaigns that will appear in nontraditional publications. Readers will find more sneaker ads in Gentleman's Quarterly and Cosmopolitan, not just Sports Illustrated.
7 3575 2004 Wind River Systems sent out stereo headphones to 4,000 software executives, offering a free iPod to those who called and listened to their sales pitch. The incentive was effective with 20% of recipients calling back. This is an effort to win back customers turned off by its haughty customer service and anti-Linux stance. The company sells development tools for embedded software. That's the code that comes hard-wired in a wide range of machines, the best example being Apple's iPod.
8 3577 2004 Broadcom is looking for greener pastures for its Wi-Fi chips, for instance, fast, wireless modems. That's a natural fit for Broadcom, which already makes fast DSL and cable modem chips.
9 3652 1992 Motown is talking to Ford about putting sampler recordings of the Supremes, the Temptations, and other artists in new Tauruses and similar models.
10 3711 1990 Nissan's Infiniti ads have promoted image. Now they're starting to emphasize cars' attributes, which are Nissan's strong point.
11 3711 1991 GM is rolling out its Cadillac Seville with a mailing offering a videocassette to 170,000 young and affluent customers.
12 3711 1996 Mercedes-Benz plans to pre-sell its new M-Class sports utility vehicle by mail. So far, the company has sent 2 bulk mailings to interested buyers.
13 3711 2002 The success of the new Art & Science theme of Cadillac's next generation of models depends on whether it will catch on with the baby boomers, many of whom have never purchased an American car.
14 3711 2002 Hip-hop and rap culture has embraced the Cadillac Escalade SUV, which appears in many rap videos & song lyrics. This is bringing Cadillac an urban customer base that it has never had before.
15 3711 2004 Promotions such as offering free test-drives are part of Cadillac's effort to change the perception that they are only for old people.
16 4813 2003 Cox aims to go a step further and offer Internet phone calls via a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.
17 4899 2002 Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo are prepping corporate versions of their popular instant messaging software.
18 7011 1998 To grab attention, MGM Grand recently installed a $12 million bronze lion statue in front as part of its renovation and expansion. It is working on plans to beef up Hollywood-theme marketing.

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