Final Customer Buying from the Product Producer

Use Steps: Use steps include all the customer's value added activities or the consumption of the product itself. These steps include all the costs the customer incurs in employing the product in its intended use.

2. Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment.

A. Needs for comfort and status

3. Status through the recognition of customer's individual needs for product

Other Function

No. SIC Year Note
1 0 2004 Relational-value players are companies like Fidelity Investments, IBM, and GE Aircraft Engines that create value for customers by offering integrated solutions. They don't just bundle products and services but customize them to such a degree that they act as production partners in many cases, absorbing some of their customers' risk.
2 2000 2005 Procter & Gamble is unveiling a new version of a popular product without cutting the old one. The new Tide is being advertised as a no-compromise solution to clothes washing. Coldwater Tide offers all the benefits of washing in cold water: no shrinkage, no color bleeding, no damage to clothes, less energy consumption. 90% of the energy needed to wash clothes is used to heat water. P&G claims that families could save $63 a year by converting from warm to cold water for its washes.
3 3089 2001 New technology allows Brunswick to print images and designs on bowling balls. This is a breakthrough for the struggling industry which was previously only able to engrave words. Working with P.S. Computer Graphics, the company developed the technology that it hopes to patent. The Viz-A-Balls run at about $140 for plastic, up from $80 for typical balls.
4 3559 2003 Toolmakers, generally small companies, fashion the devices that are used on factory floors to make other things. Many tools are custom-designed to churn out specific products, usually in vast quantities.
5 3571 2003 The replacement cycle for gaming PCs can be as short as one year as gamers install new graphics cards, or even a microprocessor. However, the hearts and minds of gamers are with companies like Alienware and Voodoo. It's the 'cool' factor and they are willing to spend a lot. "We are dealing with people who are buying something like a Ferrari."
6 3661 2005 Nokia has responded to more stylish phones from the competition with new designs loaded with high-tech features and styles. Its market share dropped when its more functionally sound phones could not compete with new fads like flip phones and camera phones from other manufacturers.
7 3674 2004 International Rectifier came up with a new device, a hexagonal field effect transistor (called Hexfet), which was so efficient that it made the ideal component for early Apple and IBM models. Still, it wasn't until Intel's recent complaints that IR drastically changed its model. It spent time with Intel designers and built its integrated circuits, diodes, and power Mosfets around the Pentium. Tied to the needs of customers like Intel and IBM, IR doesn't have to compete on price.
8 3711 1989 Daimler-Benz is equipping its new convertibles with a padded roll bar that pops up just before an accident. It also automatically locks safety belts and unlocks doors to facilitate rescue efforts if needed.
9 3711 2000 Oshkosh's success comes from mass customization. It has an ability to combine moderately high-volume production with options. Firefighters, for example can choose from 19,000 options.
10 3713 2000 So far, many truckers are willing to pay more to get a vehicle built to their engine and transmission specifications.
11 4481 2003 The luxury liners offer a more exclusive atmosphere with smaller ships than the mass-market cruises, with all-inclusive fees, 24-hour room service, more flexible schedules and gourmet meals. In addition, the crew to passenger ratio is 1 to 1, compared with 3 to 1 on mass-market ships.
12 4813 2001 The cellular industry must move away from courting and retaining customers on the basis of price alone. They must work with handset suppliers to create devices that customers will seek out, not on price but on innovation. Cingular has attempted this, offering the RIM Blackberry Devices.
13 4832 2002 Internet radio stations offer the appealing prospect of having a DJ–or sophisticated software trained to learn listener preferences–select the music for you.
14 7372 2003 Only recently has Sun switched from publicly bashing Linux and Intel to launching low-cost Linux servers on Intel chips–a strategy that IBM and HP jumped on sooner.
15 8062 2002 Private clinics and nonprofit hospitals offer luxury suites, catered meals, and round-the-clock private nurses. Small medical entrepreneurs such as a team physician for a professional sports franchise opened a practice that charged patients $20,000 a year for 24 hour access to medical services which was the same level of personalized care they provide for a group of professional athletes.

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