Final Customer Purchasing from the Producer of the Product

Use Steps: Use steps include all the customer's value added activities or the consumption of the product itself. These steps include all the costs the customer incurs in employing the product in its intended use.

2. Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment.

B. Needs to avoid sources of anxiety

1. Risks in relationship: The customer segment needs reassurance it can trust

Company capability: Company capability that crosses all products
Convenience Leader: The company can be counted on to be the industry leader in convenience innovations- Segment interested in company with leading:

Installation capabilities

No. SIC Year Note
1 0 2001 Compaq's iPaq Pocket PC has become a huge success, stealing market share from rival Palm. The learning curve for this product is cut by using Microsoft applications. This improves compatibility and eases users into operations, as they are using products they are already familiar with. In addition, the iPaq recognizes handwriting and features a voice recorder, while Palm requires a special script.
2 2096 1987 Golden Valley's spectacular growth due to the development of a superior packaging technology to pop popcorn kernels in the microwave.
3 3571 1988 Name-brand IBM compatibles, such as Compaq or Tandy usually have designs that differ somewhat from IBM's products. Clones, though, are exactly the same size and shape, and most parts are interchangeable w/ those of IBM computers.
4 3571 2000 Many schools and universities are phasing out their Macs in favor of personal computers based on the rival Windows operating system. Schools wish to prepare students for the workplace, and most companies and the private sector now use Windows, not Macs.
5 3571 2002 The Mac is unquestionably the better platform for creative uses. iPhoto digital photo sharing software available on Macs is one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive photo-management programs available today. The same can be said for Mac's iTunes digital music software, iMovie digital video editing software, and iDVD DVD-creation software. Apple's uniqueness stems not only from its flashily designed iMac hardware and iPod music player but also its innovative and flexible software.
6 3571 2002 Thin client technology started in the mid 1990s with Oracle and Sun offering thin client solutions. But those machines ran on Java and required rewriting customer applications software. Neoware systems in contrast will run with any application.
7 3572 2000 In 1995 EMC Corp.'s chief executive was the first to build a storage box that could work with different kinds of servers from mainframes to Unix workstations. The company was also among the first to realize the disks could drive sales of sophisticated software with higher profit margins for managing the big filing systems.
8 3572 2002 In the difficult data storage market, customers are now demanding that different brands of servers share arrays of drives, giving them more flexibility.
9 3577 2002 Microsoft's elaborate Encarta Reference Library is available in five CDs; each version costs a whopping $74.95. But ERL proved worthy of its hefty price tag and pulled ahead of the pack in a variety of ways. It combines Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe, Encarta Africana, Interactive World Atlas, a dictionary and a thesaurus to create a product that overflows with resources. And though other encyclopedias have many resources as well, Encarta's are smartly organized into uncluttered screens that make navigating easy.
10 3661 2004 Market research has found cell phone users are 73% more likely to stick with one brand of phone if it's easy to use. Samsung and LG scored highest on usability, while market share leaders Nokia and Motorola scored lower. Easier-to-use features such as text messages or photos also lead to higher monthly bills and more revenue for carriers.
11 7319 1993 Muzak has telecommunication receivers in businesses across the country. Muzak's computers can target its 12 music (and advertising) channels to stores according to geographic area, ethnic community, type of chain, or time of day.
12 7372 1989 One of Oracle's key early decisions was picking a technology called SQL that was later endorsed in IBM products. Another was designing its software to be portable – able to run on nearly any vendor's hardware.
13 7372 1994 Microsoft's success is based on the interlocking nature of its operating-system and application software.
14 7372 1995 Microsoft puts more resources into keeping new versions of Windows compatible with previous ones. (The new competition has no such baggage.)
15 7372 2001 Borland Software claims that "we as a corporation are consistently focused on the developer community, and we are focused on giving them the freedom of choice to use any products they want with our products. They don't have to exclusively use ours."
16 7375 2004 Google focuses on making AdWords easy to use. An advertiser can link his site to an ad in minutes. Ads also appear on websites with which Google has revenue-sharing agreements, such as,, and

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