Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Use Steps: Use steps include all the customer's value added activities or the consumption of the product itself. These steps include all the costs the customer incurs in employing the product in its intended use.

2. Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment.

B. Needs to avoid sources of anxiety

2. Limitations set by time: Segment customers according to the causes of the limitations set by time.

Delays related to location: Identify characteristics related to the location of purchase or use that separate one group of customers from others
Distance from the company, from the product, from competition or from some other preferred location.
Distance from company or product

Customers in residential areas

No. SIC Year Note
1 3651 2000 Kodak is working with Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. to develop a system for displaying photographs on television screens without using a computer. Cable subscribers will be able to share photos with distant family by transmitting the pictures over the cable.
2 3861 2004 In 1995, 640 million rolls of film were sold in the U.S., for $4.9 billion. Consumers' habits were entrenched: They snapped photos, took the film to a nearby store and got prints. H-P in 1995 began building specialized digital photo printers. The company concentrated on making these printers work well with high-quality inks and paper so that home-printed digital images would retain the gloss of traditional film prints.

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