Final Customer Purchasing from an Intermediary of the Product

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the purchase of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed to identify and evaluate Intermediaries and travel to the Intermediary location.

2. Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment.

A. Needs for comfort and status

3. Status through the recognition of customer's individual requirements for product

Convenience of:

Delivery and installation

No. SIC Year Note
1 5731 2001 Large high-end electronics retailer chains are beginning to offer home installations for their goods, a practice previously only done by smaller stores.
2 6321 2004 Health Care Inc. provides services to small and mid-size managed care groups and employers. It announced two new contracts with Nevada and Louisiana to supply the prescription drug needs of Louisiana's state workers and their families.
3 6512 2001 Chelsea Property Group Inc., based in Roseland, N.J., plans to build a nearly 500,000-square-foot outlet center in Las Vegas that will include a taxi stand with uniformed staffers to accommodate tourists.

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