Final Customer Purchasing from an Intermediary of the Product

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the purchase of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed to identify and evaluate Intermediaries and travel to the Intermediary location.

3. Intellectual: Segment customers on the basis of their current knowledge and understanding of the company and its products

A. Knowledge of company and company product

1. Familiarity with company and brand, crossing all products

Customer knows neither company nor brand

No. SIC Year Note
1 5051 1999 Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. now has about 200 salespeople in the West and Midwest going door-to-door looking for new buyers. The company is preparing for e-commerce to do the same jobs as this sales force. Reliance has developed its own Web site, to which it attributes a 3% sales increase.
2 5112 1996 BT doesn't operate a chain of stores to sell office products. Instead, it sells through catalogs and 78 sales offices and distribution centers.
3 5331 2001 99 Cents Only goes to great lengths to keep its stores clean. So word of mouth and gimmicky ads can lure first time shoppers. It sells namebrand merchandise it buys from manufacturers who are using close outs and bargain stores to shed excess inventory.
4 5411 2002 HomeGrocer is an online grocer acquired by Webvan 10 months before it closed and has now emerged from Webvan. The company is known for its cartoon peach logo first launched in 1998. HomeGrocer delivers groceries to customers in Seattle and Portland from warehouses.
5 5735 2003 AltiTunes operates a record store in 24 U.S. airports, including New York's JFK, Chicago O'Hare and Los Angeles International.
6 5735 2004 CNET recently reopened as a one-stop-digital music site where surfers can read reviews and legally buy songs from providers such as Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store and Roxio's Napster.
7 5812 2001 Chuck E. Cheese started a national advertising campaign recently with ABC and Warner Bros. Most commercials run during Saturday morning cartoons.
8 5812 2002 Originally Panera was Au Bon Pain. Au Bon Pain was limited to major urban centers and other high-density spots. The company sold the Au Bon Pain brand and bought a small operation called St. Louis Bread Co. Panera has about 70% of its units franchised and it now has 369 stores.
9 5921 2005 is an online retailer of wine and related products which spent around $1 million on Internet marketing services during the Christmas shopping season.
10 5945 2004 Build-A-Bear's new marketing tool is a mobile store that will travel to various sports and family entertainment venues to introduce Build-A-Bear to a new set of potential customers.
11 5999 2003 RealNetworks has announced a new partnership with Comcast Corp. On Monday, Real, an audio and video software maker, will begin offering free one-week trials of its online music subscription service to Comcast's broadband subscribers. Subscribers who sign up for Real's Rhapsody service during the trial can transfer 10 songs to a CD for free. Rhapsody offers its library of 400,000 songs for $9.95 a month. Subscribers can download 325,000 of these songs for 78 cents apiece. Real already offers Rhapsody through such Internet service providers as Time Warner Inc.'s Road Runner and Verizon Communications Inc. Comcast, with some 5 million broadband subscribers, plans to aggressively promote Rhapsody on TV ads through December.
12 6162 2001 is trying to avoid some of the problems faced by earlier rivals. Many of them, unknown names in the industry, spent handsomely to lure borrowers and brokers to their Web sites., however, decided to pursue "buckets of borrowing" which meant signing deals with other organizations or companies that could drive hundreds of prospective borrowers to the site.
13 6211 2000 E-Trade is planning to set up a walk-in office on Manhattan's Madison Avenue by the end of the year. But the store will serve as a high-profile branding device, rather than the first in a chain of storefronts.
14 6211 2002 When it looked as though Internet TV advertising was dead, E*Trade swarmed the Superbowl and the stadium by providing 73,000 seat cushions, sponsoring the halftime show, and broadcasting its commercial to 132 million TV viewers.
15 6211 2002 E*Trade's CEO has embarked on a national tour promoting the new centers, the new brand, and a redesigned Website. Also, it promoted its new identity in full-page Wall Street Journal ads, making a virtue of full service brokerage.
16 6211 2002 E-Brokerages continue to compete fiercely for customers. Some are spending as much as $400 in advertising for each new customer added which is double the previous average.
17 8062 1986 NHI sends a quarterly newsletter to every household in the market area, free education and testing clinics, lunches for influential businessmen and politicians and "preferred provider" contracts with nearby employers.

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