Final Customer Purchasing from an Intermediary of the Product

Use Steps: Use steps include all the Final customer’s activities to find the appropriate product category at the Intermediary, to choose among the alternatives to the product and to take delivery of the product.

2. Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment.

B. Needs to avoid sources of anxiety

1. Risks in relationship: The customer segment needs reassurance it can trust.

Company Capability: Company capability that crosses all products
Convenience Leader: The company can be counted on to be the industry leader in convenience innovations- Segment interested in company with leading:

Service to find, choose and pay for product

No. SIC Year Note
1 5231 2001 Saperstein's is a paint and wallpaper retailer that has 23-stores in New Jersey. By focusing on customer service, the company has been able to survive competition from giants like Home Depot Inc.
2 5251 2003 Seigle decided in the early 1990s not compete with giant rivals Home Depot and Lowe's in the retail home-center market and return to being a supplier to home builders.
3 5311 1990 Nordstrom is known for its excellent customer service and helpful salespeople.
4 5311 1991 Dillard has wide selection and low costs due to its sophisticated data collection. It is also able to get merchandise into stores rapidly. Customer service is emphasized–sales clerks attend shoppers in dressing rooms and have maps of stockrooms to return quickly with the desired item.
5 5311 1994 Mervyn's appeals to budget-minded women who want to shop quickly. In order to fulfill that need, the store will provide shopping carts and will cluster checkout counters at exits, instead of sprinkling them through various departments. Mervyn's will also carry wider selection of merchandise.
6 5400 2004 Retailers are testing finger-identification technology that allows customers to leave their wallets at home. To make a purchase, the customers puts his finger into a scanner, enters a seven- to 10-digit number to confirm his identity, then links to the checking or credit accounts on file. Piggly Wiggly Carolina Co., which owns a franchisor of 120 U.S. supermarkets, expects to make this available in all of its stores in the next few years. Bi-Lo, a supermarket chain the Southeast owned by Ahold NV, uses this technology at 176 of its supermarkets for cashing customers' payroll checks.
7 5411 1990 The Rosauer store took the 2 1/5 percent of gross that had previously gone into advertising and markdowns, and put it all into improved customer service. It gained market share until it was first in the market (from third). The company emphasized performance over price.
8 5411 1991 Randall's stacks produce neatly, its workers take customers to find items, it provides mini grocery carts and free bakery cookies for kids. It has security officers in all stores and bright lights in parking lots. One store has free valet parking.
9 5599 1993 Satellite service center gives convenience through location, good waiting areas, complimentary cab rides. The auto mall also offers extras like beepers to communicate with technicians and no-haggle pricing.
10 5731 1989 Circuit City sales people have been schooled intensively on the distinctions between each product, and they specialize in only one category of merchandise at a time.
11 5734 1999 Compaq is scheduled to unveil a new business-oriented Internet site that draws on partnerships with CMGI Inc., American Express Co. and others to provide products and services to corporate customers.
12 5900 1989 Goldblatt's hires neighborhood people: one woman from Mexico goes there because they speak her language. They also stock goods lower-income people need: for example space heaters because apartments lack adequate heating.
13 5912 2000 Trying to bring customers back to New London, the drugstore decided to offer same-day service: "If they order by 2 p.m., I can have it for them the same day." It also hired a 4th pharmacist to allow better customer service.
14 5942 1990 Borders offers intelligent salespeople who must pass a test about book knowledge.
15 6036 2003 Washington Mutual branch banks feature bright window displays, a smiling concierge, and colorful interior. What started as a tiny Seattle thrift bank has grown into a $268 billion banking giant in under 10 years.
16 6512 2003 Shopping malls are offering a number of extra customer services including concierges that carry bags, push strollers and make restaurant reservations and some concierge services also come in a variety of languages.
17 6722 2002 The new Fidelity USA Ultra Service Account offers unlimited free checking, easy access to a full complement of major investment options: stocks, bonds, tax-advantaged investments and more.
18 7212 1988 Mr. Dry Clean installed a computerized machine at each shop that lets users drop off and pick up clothing around the clock. Customer runs a credit card through an electronic reader, and robot picks up the clothes. The clothes and credit card information are picked up the next day.
19 7311 2004 Car dealerships, which account for a large share of the online postings, are starting to assign salespeople to work exclusively with their Internet customers. For buyers, this means some personal attention without being hounded.
20 7841 2004 Netflix is the leading online DVD-rental service with 2.1 million subscribers and 80% customer growth. Netflix has proprietary software that uses factors such as customers' past rentals to help subscribers find movies they like. About half its customers rate movies.

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