Intermediary Purchasing from the Producer of the Product

Obtain Steps: The Obtain steps include all activities preceding the selling of the product. These activities include the costs of identifying potential suppliers and stocking the product.

3. Intellectual: Segment customers on the basis of their current knowledge and understanding of the company and its products

A. Knowledge of company and company product

Familiarity with company and brand, crossing all products

No. SIC Year Note
1 3500 2002 Electrolux, a provider of professional food service equipment in Western Europe replaced 15 small brands with a few big brands. They decided to do this based on the results of a transnational survey. They were able to develop more effective, cohesive mean
2 3600 2004 LG's parent changed its name from Lucky GoldStar in the mid-1990s to shake off a downscale image, but LG doesn't plan to give up its less expensive product lines. It still sells those in the U.S. under the GoldStar brand.
3 4311 1999 The post office aims to be the Web's top shipper. It has a deal with and handles nearly two-thirds of Amazon's shipments. More merchants are signing up. The company is constantly bringing on e-tailers, as well as those who are in click and mort
4 5092 2000 has an alliance with Animal Planet. The cable show promotes site for which pet store provides the online commerce.
5 5122 2003 SureScript said merchandisers Costco Pharmacies, Kmart, ShopKo and Meijer had agreed to promote and encourage use of SureScript's fee-based system. Many grocers decided to do likewise.
6 6141 1985 Credit card affinity programs, where a credit card carries an exclusive affiliation with an organization, started in the early 80s.
7 6311 1988 Some insurance companies added new distribution systems, such as brokers, who tended to have larger market shares than independent agents.

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