Intermediary Purchasing from the Producer of the Product

Sell Steps: Sell steps include the activities Intermediary customers take in selling and delivering the product to their customers. These activities include their own customer recruitment and product delivery.

Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment.

B. Needs to avoid sources of anxiety

3. Ecomonic limitations: Segment customers according to the limitations set by their economic interests and concerns
Segment's approaches to limit on spending

Segments who might face psychological spending limits

No. SIC Year Note
1 2111 1992 RJR produced smaller packages of many of its products to cater to convenience outlets and drugstores.
2 2111 1993 Philip Morris announced it will boost ad spending this year in connection with its previously announced aggressive price-cutting to gain share.
3 3555 2002 Several years ago, a standard-quality color inkjet printer cost at least $200, and for high-quality photo prints and laser-like text documents, the starting price was $300. But now, the big-name printer makers have been flooding the market with sub-$100 price tag.
4 3571 1999 A leasing program brings PC and Internet access to as low as $30 a month from Gateway. Initially, the PC bundles will include Spanish-language versions of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Works plus five family-oriented pieces of software from Learning Co.
5 3571 2001 Palm keeps expanding its offerings: The cheap, entry-level m100 has opened the door to new markets such as college kids. The product's easy to use interface is an overwhelming hit with users, who see Palm as the handheld to own.
6 3577 1999 Sun Microsystems wants to put Star, a new program type that transfers computing from the desktop to central centers online, out on the net and give it to users for free. Sun sees the Internet as quickly becoming a place where users either rent services and software or receive it as part of a package deal with their provider. In that environment, catering to service providers' needs becomes paramount.
7 3711 2004 General Motors Corp.'s decision to keep its factories running and to fire up a massive sales blitz, featuring 0% financing for the next five years is widely credited with helping the U.S. economy avert a deeper slump following to the September 11 attacks.
8 3711 2005 The new leasing trend in the auto industry is a better option for customers who buy a new car every two or three years. Manufacturers are not offering the leasing deals across the board, instead they are focusing them specifically on certain parts of the
9 3843 2004 Procter & Gamble Co. began battling Colgate-Palmolive Co. with a long restructuring program that ended last year. It cut costs and jobs and plowed the savings into marketing and product development. The company came out with new products ; upgraded Pampers, Crest Whitestrips, Swiffer mops and fancier Tide detergents. All these new products crowded out competitors' products and P&G used money saved from its restructuring program to advertise those new items on television, and discount them on store shelves.
10 7812 2002 Attracted to the low prices of disks, Blockbuster's customers are starting to buy, not rent. Before DVDs, movie studios priced VHS tapes at high prices which lead to the creation of the video rental business.
11 7929 2005 Younger acts have made a point of keeping prices low. Green Day is seeing strong sales with ticket prices mostly held at less than $50. The Dave Matthews Band is charging less than $60 at most. The emphasis on affordable tickets is a big change from last season. The average ticket price for the 100 top grossing tours hit a record of $52.39 more than double the average of 1996. The fans balked at the high prices and forced the cancellation of shows by artists.

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