Intermediary Purchasing from the Producer of the Product

Sell Steps: Sell steps include the activities Intermediary customers take in selling and delivering the product to their customers. These activities include their own customer recruitment and product delivery.

3. Intellectual: Segment customers on the basis of their current knowledge and understanding of the company and its products

A. Knowledge of company and company product

Knowledge of product technology
Above average – current customer. Members of the segment are:
Expert users

No. SIC Year Note
1 2800 2004 The relationship between Kodak and Walgreens flourished into the 1990s, when consumers began demanding more one-hour photo developing. Kodak helped Walgreen set up a national one-hour photo business. It provided machines called minicabs that could handle the developing on-site–collecting fees to lease the equipment–and trained Walgreen employees to operate them.
2 3000 2003 Rubbermaid has a program that recruits students off college campuses in the US and Canada. They work closely with its retail partners in the store aisles. Rubbermaid wanted to build a culture in its company of understanding customers at the very grass-roots level.
3 7374 1989 ADP has been investing an estimated $50 million on a workstation-based quote system that also lets brokers target clients based on trading patterns and perform elaborate what-if scenarios.

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