Customer Groups With Health Problems

A Final customer buying from an intermediary of the product The Final customer is the one who makes the final decision on what product to buy and from which supplier to buy it. Most consumer products, and many industrial products, reach Final customers through Intermediaries.

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the purchase of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed to identify and evaluate Intermediaries and travel to the Intermediary location.

2. Emotional:

B. Needs to avoid sources of anxiety
4. Health limitations: Find customer segments with health problems or concerns
a. Customer groups with health problems




1 5411 2004 Coca Cola and Pepsi products will be offered in smaller 8-ounce cans in addition to the traditional 12-ounce serving. Quiznos will introduce Mini sandwiches and Kraft Foods will shrink some single-serving package sizes. As obesity rates rise, some consumers want smaller portions to help them control their intake. They are supported by the FDA who is considering changes to food labels to make serving size and total calories more clear.
2 200 1986 The beef retail trade has emphasized trimming excess fat in retail meat cases. Nutritional labeling is also another trend in beef merchandising. The next step to label beef as "lean" or "lite" based on fat and calorie content.