A Final customer buying from an intermediary of the product The Final customer is the one who makes the final decision on what product to buy and from which supplier to buy it. Most consumer products, and many industrial products, reach Final customers through Intermediaries.

Maintain Steps: Maintain steps include all activities required to keep the product in working order. These steps include the costs the customer incurs to diagnose and correct product problems.

2. Emotional:

A. Needs for comfort and status
2. Status through the recognition of customer's individual requirements for product:
b. Reliability




1 7375 2000 By January of 1999 CEO made some dramatic changes. Gun sales were banned, while anything risqué was consigned to a section walled off from minors. She signed Lloyd's of London to provide buyers with insurance for purchases up to $200.
2 5311 1992 Sears has a Sears' Best Customer program that rewards active shoppers with priority repair service on home equipment.