A Final customer buying from an intermediary of the product The Final customer is the one who makes the final decision on what product to buy and from which supplier to buy it. Most consumer products, and many industrial products, reach Final customers through Intermediaries.

Use Steps: Use steps include all the Final customer's activities to find the appropriate product category at the Intermediary, to choose among the alternatives to the product and to take delivery of the product.

2. Emotional:

B. Needs to avoid sources of anxiety
2. Limitations set by time: Segment customers according to the causes of the limitations set by time.
c. Time limitations due to the pattern of use: Segment customers by the frequency or timing of purchase or use of the product
1. Frequency of purchase of the product
b. Weekly




1 5311 2002 Wal-Mart started the idea of combining a discount store with a supermarket and has now become the nation's number one grocer. Wal-Mart's supercenters see customers come 3.1 times a month.