Pricing Blogs

Abercrombie – Recovering in a Falling Price Environment

Allstate's Innovative Pricing

Amazon's Blockbuster Innovation

Another Creative Pricing Scheme

Another High Profit Industry Comes Under Assault

Apple Gets Crossways with App Developers

Another Quieter Challenge from Below

Apple Flanks its Phone Market

Apple's Future in Smart Phones – Part I

Apple's Future in Smart Phones – Part II

The Basis of Charge

Best Buy in a Leader's Trap

Blockbuster versus Netflix…Again

But Can You Control Other Entrants?

Cable TV and Customer Retention

Capacity Reduction to Raise Prices

The Causes and Symptoms of Overcapacity

Commodity Pricing

Competing Against Low-End Competition

Constrictions in Conponents Supply Support Higher Prices

Couponing and Price Leaders

Creative Price Reductions to Gain Share

Dell Slips at the High End

Did Amazon Leave Money on the Table?

Discounts – Much Greater Than Most Assume

Discounters at the High End

Divorce that Customer?

Dominick's Finds a Way to Reduce Price…Successfully

The eBook Competition

The End of a Local Leader's Trap

The ETF Arms Race

Evolution of Markets: Patterns in Steel, Auto and Airframe Industries

Evolution of the Smart Phone Market

The Exceptional Growth of a Price Leader Product

The Fall of an Industry Leader – Part II

A Fast-Growing Market Under Attack from Below

Fewer Customers? Cut Capacity

The Flexibility of a Great Retailer

From Cheap to Chic

The Future of Starbucks

Future Trouble for the Branded Foods Industry

GM Goes for Help with its Used Cars

Good Market Share. Fast Growth. No Profits. Why?

Google versus Microsoft in the Office

A High End Retailer in a Leader's Trap

High Growth and Falling Profits

Hit Them on Both Sides of the Head

The Holiday Season: The Most Createive Pricing Season We Have

Hostility's End Game

How Hostility Starts

How to Fail in a Market You Dominate

"Illogical" Pricing

The Importance of Consistency in the Approach to Pricing

Impressive Results from a Change in Pricing Strategy

Industry Contraction Exposes Potential Low Price Points

Industry Leader Preempts the Low End of the Market

Investment Turf Wars

Is the Mojo Coming Back?

Just when they thought it was safe…

Killing the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

A Lay-up for Lay-away

Look Out Below

Low-End Competitor Exposes Fundamental Strategic Errors of the Leaders

A Low-End Competitor with Low Industry Costs

Make Them Wait

Market Share at the Low End of the Market

Market Share Volatility in a Fast Growing Market

The Math Still Works

Meeting a Challenge from Below

Microsoft Gets Price Warnings from Competitors

Microsoft Gets Price Warnings from its Customers

New Capacity in a Shrinking Market

News Corp Responds to the "Free" Market

Nokia in a Leader's Trap

No Red Letter Day for BlueStar

The Ostrich Syndrome

P&G Takes Off the Gloves

The Picture of a Predator

Postponing the Real Clash

The Price Advantage of Reliability

The Price Can Go to Zero

Price Competition in a Falling Price Environment

A Price Leader Market and Competitor

Price Increases in a Recession

Price Increases in the Time of a Sales Decline

Price Leaders against Standard Leaders in Troubled Times

A Price Leader Enters the Performance Leader Market

Price Leader Expansion Under Standard Leader Umbrella

Pricing Against a High-End Product

Pricing Confusion and its Aftermath

Pricing Flexibility

Pricing in the Dog Days of August

Pricing in Easy Industries

Pricing in Highly Competitive Marketplaces

Pricing in a Profitable Market

Pricing in Today's Airline Industry – Part 1

Pricing in Today's Airline Industry – Part 2

Pricing Myths

A Pricing Scheme Guaranteed to Fail

Punch and Counterpunch in the Online Airline Industry

A Pyrrhic Victory?

Recycling of Capacity in a Tough Market

Rising Prices in the Face of Falling Demand

The Schwab Credit Card and What it Tells Us

Service Levels Go Up, Not Down, in Hostility

Situation Bad, About to be Worse

Slowing a Price Decline with a Low-Priced Product

Standard Leader Expands in Tough Market and Uses Price

Strangling the Goose

A Squeeze at the Top

The Tables Have Turned

There is a New (Rich) Sucker Born Every Minute

This Leader's Trap Comes to a Quick End

To Bundle or Not to Bundle, That is the Question

The Two Best Consultants in the World Warn the Associated Press

An Update on Cutting Capacity to Raise Prices

Using Finance to Reduce a Price

Variable Pricing to Shift Demand and Increase Revenues

What Do We Really Believe?

What Happens When Giants Rumble?

Why Overcapacity Often Gets Worse

Will a Partial Silver Strategy Work for United

A Win on Both Price and Convenience

A Win Win Cost Reduction/Performance Innovation in the Cell Phone Industry

You Mean I Have to Pay for This?

Vanguard vs. Fidelity

A Very Rare Form of Pricing

Wal-Mart and the Customer Buying Hierarchy

Whirlpool and Electrolux Blink

Yep, Those Germans are the Problem


If you face a competitive marketplace, read these blogs. We wrote them to help you make better decisions on segments, products, prices and costs based on the experience of companies in over 85 competitive industries. Much of the world suffered a severe recession from 2008 to 2011. During that time, we wrote more than 270 blogs using publicly available information and our Strategystreet system to project what would happen in various companies and industries who were living in those hostile environments. In 2022, we updated each of these blogs to describe what later took place. You can use these updated blogs to see how the Strategystreet system works and how it can lead you to better decisions.