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Acquisitions to Gain Product Capability

The Advent of the F-commerce Revolution

Allstate's Innovative Pricing

Always Low Prices Meets Lower Prices

Amazon's Blockbuster Innovation

An Answer for Pizza Problems?

An Industry Leader Stumbles

Another Quieter Challenge from Below

Another High Growth Industry Comes Under Assault

Apple Gets Crossways with App Developers

Apple Flanks its Phone Market

Apple's Future in Smart Phones – Part I

Applie's Future in Smart Phones – Part II

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid…Oh, Never Mind

Best Buy in a Leader's Trap

Blockbuster versus Netflix…Again

The Brand is Worth More than the Land

Cable TV and Customer Retention

Can a High-End Guy Hit the Mass Market?

The Causes and Symptoms of Overcapacity

From Chic to Cheap

Cisco's New Server Product

Coming Back from the Dead

Competing Against Low-End Competition

A Concentrated Industry

Convenience and Reliability Innovations in a Fast-Growing Market

The Decline of an Industry Leader

Defending the Low-Cost Position

Delivering More by Offering Less

Dell Slips at the High End

Digits Save Lives…and Costs by Improving Effectiveness

Digits Save Lives…and Costs by Improving Efficiency

Direct Edge – A Transformer Next Leader Product

Discounters at the High End

The eBook Competition

Evolution of the Smart Phone Market

The Exceptional Growth of a Price Leader Product

The Failure Behind Progress

The Fall of an Industry Leader – Part I

A Fast Growing Market Begins Developing Reliability and Convenience Innovations

A Fast-Growing Market Under Attack from Below

The Fate of Price Point Specialists in Hostility

Fish or Fowl?

The Flexibility of a Great Retailer

Function Innovation in a Service Industry

The Future of Starbucks

Future Trouble for the Branded Foods Industry

Garmin Tail Wags the Dog

GM and Sears…Slip Sliding Away

GM Goes for Help with its Used Cars

GM in a No Win Position

GM's China Problem

Good Market Share. Fast Growth. No Profits. Why?

Good News and Bad News of Reliability in Product Innovation

Google at Risk

Google versus Microsoft in the Office

Hey, We Got New Features

High Growth and Falling Profits

Hit Them on Both Sides of the Head

How the High End Company is Vulnerable

How to Become the Industry Leader

How to Fail in a Market You Dominate

HP and EDS: The Product Case

HP and EDS: The Conclusion

The Importance of Consistency in the Approach to Pricing

The iPhone versus the iPhone

Industry Evolution Forces Cost Management

Industry Leader Preempts the Low End of the Market

The Japanese Pay the Price

Just when they thought it was safe…

Killing the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

Lagging Badly Pedaling Downhill

Look Out Below

A Low-End Competitor with Low Industry Costs

The Low-End Competitor May Not Stay at the Low End

Make Them Wait

Market Share at the Low End of the Market

Market Share Volatility in a Fast Growing Market

Meeting a Challenge from Below

Microsoft is Leaving Money on the Table

Microsoft Office versus Google Apps

Microsoft Phone 7 – A Long Row to Hoe

Mobile Hears Big Footsteps

Nearing End Game for Domestic Auto Industry

New Product in a Fast Growing Industry: Bing

New Product in a Fast Growing Industry: The Pre

New Product in a Fast Growing Industry: Verizon in Cloud Computers

News Corp Responds to the "Free" Market

Nike Builds Brand Loyalty

Nokia Makes a Bet in the Smart Phone Market

One Up, One Down, One Sideways

Paying Attention to Low-End Competitors

P&G Takes Off the Gloves

The Picture of a Preditor

Postponing the Real Crash

The Power of Low-End Products for Industry Leaders

The Pre Looks to Go Post

The Price Advantage of Reliability

Price Leaders Against Standard Leaders in Troubled Times

A Price Leader Enters the Performance Leader Market

Price Leader Expansion Under Standard Leader Umbrella

A Price Leader Market and Competitor

Pricing Against a High-Priced Product

Pricing in Easy Industries

Pricing in Today's Airline Industry – Part 2

Pricing Myths

Product Innovation Using Twitter and Tweetups – Part 1

Product Innovation Using Twitter and Tweetups – Part 2

Reducing the Customer's Hassle Factor??

Reliability in High-End Cars

Reliability in Tough Markets

Reliability Measures: The Good News and the Bad News

Retailers as the Source of Creativity

RV Market in Hostility

Schlitz, Lessons from the Past

The Schwab Credit Card and What it Tells Us

Service Levels to Go, Not Down, in Hostility

A Silver Competitor Follows the Wrong Strategy

Sometimes Smaller is Better

A Standard Leader Blocks the Price Leader Competitor

Standard Leader Expands in Tough Market and Uses Price

Strangling the Goose

A Squeeze at the Top

The Tables Have Turned

A Tale of Colorblindness Lost

There is a New (Rich) Sucker Born Every Minute

The Two Best Consultants in the World Warn the Associated Press

Two Companies Who Perform Well in Good or Bad Markets

An Update on Cutting Capacity to Raise Prices

Using Finance to Reduce a Price

Value in Two Hostile Industries

Wal-Mart and the Customer Buying Hierarchy

What's Missing in Internet Retailing

Will a Partial Silver Strategy Work for United

A Win on Both Price and Convenience

Winning and Failing in a Marketplace

A Win Win Cost Reduction/Performance Innovation in the Cell Phone Industry


If you face a competitive marketplace, read these blogs. We wrote them to help you make better decisions on segments, products, prices and costs based on the experience of companies in over 85 competitive industries. Much of the world suffered a severe recession from 2008 to 2011. During that time, we wrote more than 270 blogs using publicly available information and our Strategystreet system to project what would happen in various companies and industries who were living in those hostile environments. In 2022, we updated each of these blogs to describe what later took place. You can use these updated blogs to see how the Strategystreet system works and how it can lead you to better decisions.