Decrease Use

The amount of volume a company loses during a period as a result of a customer decreasing the proportion of its total purchases it buys from the company
(abbreviation: DU).
(See also Get In, ,
Get Out,


ncrease Use,

and Stay In)

Example 1:

On the eve of the annual ad selling season, the broadcast TV industry is making an aggressive new move to steer Madison Avenue's money away from cable TV. The push comes as ratings for the three biggest broadcast TV networks recently fell to 50% of the of the total audience, while cable viewership has inched up. (Year 1998-SIC 4833)

Explanation: The advertising firms use both the three biggest broadcast TV networks,as well as cable TV for their advertising spending. The audience for cable TV is growing while that for the three major networks is falling. The three major networks are experiencing Decrease Use events with their consumer audience.

Example 2:

Nike told analysts last week that retailers canceled about $30 million worth of orders. Mall store operators concentrated their cancellations on Nike models with price tags of $140 or more. (Year 1997-SIC 3021)

Explanation: Nike is experiencing Decrease Use events with its retailer customers.

Example 3:

Goodyear tried to lead wholesale prices up 5% for its exclusive dealers in 1989 in an attempt to increase profits. This move was disastrous for Goodyear dealers, 90% of whom sold Goodyear products exclusively. The price increase seriously undermined the competitiveness of Goodyear dealers. They were forced to take on suppliers outside the relationship with Goodyear in order to accommodate customers who wanted lower-priced tires. (Year 1989-SIC 3011)

Explanation: Goodyear experience Decrease Use events with its exclusive dealers who were forced to buy other suppliers' products to satisfy their customer demands.

Example 4

Safeway retaliated against P&G's new pricing policy by dropping some less popular P&G brands and sizes. (Year 1992-SIC 2840)

Explanation: P&G experienced a Decrease Use event with Safeway on its overall customer relationship. The individual P&G brands that Safeway dropped experienced Get Out events.