Increase Use

The portion of a company's unit volume sold during a period resulting from an increase in the company's penetration of its relationship with existing customers
(abbreviation: IU).
(See also Decrease Use, Get In, Get Out, Stay In)

Example 1:

Theaters should benefit from increased demand. Costs of alternate out-of-home entertainment continue to soar, while movies offer a relatively inexpensive source of entertainment. (Year1995-SIC 7832)

Explanation: Movie theaters experienced Increase Use events with its consumer customer base who shift dollars from other sources of entertainment, like sports, to movies.

Example 2:

ABF Freight is beginning to win back the business it lost to non-union carriers before the Teamsters contract was settled. (Year 1998-SIC 4213)

Explanation: ABF Freight, when faced with potential strike, saw Decrease Use events as customers shifted some of their business to non-union carriers. Now that the contract is settled, ABF is experiencing Increase Use events as it wins back its lost business.

Example 3:

Smart & Final has been successful in taking a little business away from everyone with whom it competes: membership warehouse clubs, traditional foodservice wholesalers and distributors, and supermarkets. (Year 1991-SIC 5141)

Explanation: Smart & Final has experienced Increase Use events with consumers who purchase from many different channels.

Example 4:

Ad spending on cable TV has climbed steadily. This year, it is expected to top $9 billion, a 15% increase from $7.9 billion spent last year and almost double the sum spent just four years ago. (Year1998-SIC 4833)

Explanation: Cable TV is experiencing Increase Use events as advertisers shift more spending to them rather than to other media.