Stay In Volume

The portion of a company's unit volume, sold during a period, resulting from the retention of existing customers and customer volume. Stay In volume has three components: (1) the proportion of the customer relationship volume that remains the same as in the beginning of the period; (2) the proportion of volume which remains from customers which have decreased use during the period; and (3) the original proportion of volume from customers who have increased the proportion of their purchases from the company
(abbreviation: SI).

Example 1:

Investors tended to maintain their existing brokerage accounts because it was a hassle to transfer money and securities between accounts. Online investors were among the most loyal customers in any internet segment. Due to these high retention rates, the present value of an average online brokerage amount, net of acquisition costs, was high. (SIC 6211-Year 1999)

Explanation: Online brokers have loyal customers and thus high percentages of Stay In relationships because it is time consuming for consumers to change brokers.

Example 2:

The Costco Wholesale Corp. saw a pickup in its renewal rates for both business and consumer memberships. (Year 1997-SIC 5141)

Explanation: Costco experienced Stay In events with all its customers who renewed memberships with the company.

Example 3:

In the U.K., cable's addition of telephone services has resulted in a significant decrease in cable customer churn. (Year 1995-SIC 4841)

Explanation: As the churn (or turnover) of customers declines, cable companies in the U.K. experience a higher percentage of Stay In relationships with their customers.

Example 4:

According to a Daratech survey of Intergraph users, fully 94% say they would buy again. That compares with 86% for IBM. (Year 1989-SIC 3571)

Explanation: If the numbers in the survey hold, then 94% of Intergraph's customers are Stay In customers, while only 86% of IBM's customers are Stay In customers.

Example 5:

Standard Motor Products' new clients are rarely lost, largely because of the company's leading-edge service. (Year 1991-SIC 3694)

Explanation: Standard Motor experiences Stay In events with most of its customers because it services them so well.