Stripper product

The typical Price Leader product where both user and buyer benefits are lower than the Standard Leader product.

Example 1:

Bic introduced the disposable razor, which was inexpensive and widely available.
(Year 1992-SIC 3421)

Explanation: Bic is a Price Leader company selling a Stripper Price Leader product.

Example 2:

Lennar Corp. specializes in moderately priced homes–$99,000 on average–aimed at three segments of the market: first-time buyers, first-time move-up buyers and retirees.
(Year 1992-SIC 1521)

Explanation: Lennar is a Price Leader Competitor selling Stripper Price Leader products to its marketplace.

Example 3:

One out of 20 computer systems bought by individuals in 1989 came through the mail. Mail order dealers routinely offer savings of up to 50% over computer-store prices on systems, software and peripherals.
(Year 1989 SIC 5734)

Explanation: Mail order dealers are Price Leader companies offering Stripper Price Leader products against the Standard Leader computer stores.

Example 4:

Ross sells off-price family apparel at prices averaging 30% to 40% less than department stores.
(Year 1990-SIC 5311)

Explanation: Ross is a Price Leader competitor selling Stripper Price Leader products.

Example 5:

Kennedy Cabot has carved out a small but visible niche in LA as a bargain-basement discount broker whose commissions are sometimes less than one-half as much as other discounters.
(Year 1985-SIC 6211)

Explanation: Kennedy Cabot is a Price Leader competitor offering a Stripper Price Leader service in the market.