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Standard Leader Performance Leader Price Leader Next Leader
Offers the best known brand names, with average performance and prices. Offers more performance for a higher price. Offers lower performance for a lower price. Can transform an industry through new technology or a new approach to customer convenience.
Sets the benchmarks for performance and price in the industry. Prices are at least 10% over Standard Leader price. Prices average 25-50% below Standard Leader price. Prices are 20-50% below Standard Leader price.
Standard Leaders are the most common competitors and dominate the market shares of their industries. As a group, Performance Leaders' total market share averages below 15% of the total market, and rarely reaches 30% of total sales. As a group, Price Leaders average less than 15% of industry market share. Market share of Next Leaders is difficult to forecast. They tend to create new industries and eventually become Standard Leaders in their new industries.
IBM, John Deere, Procter and Gamble, McDonald's, Safeway BMW, Robert Mondavi Wine, American Express, Cannondale Bicycles, Restoration Hardware Borland Software, Dean Foods, Drypers Disposable Diapers, Perrigo Drugs Manufacturing Toys R Us, Home Depot, Apple Computers, Intuit, Jiffy Lube, Domino's Pizza