WORKSHEET #9: The Components of Company Share Change

This worksheet draws on the results of customer data gathered using Analysis 2

and Analysis 66

. Please review these analyses for further information and context for the steps in this worksheet.

Step 1:

Create a sample of the company's customer relationships from an earlier period, say three years ago. You might choose to use the same sample of current customers that you developed for Step 2 of Worksheet #8: Company Volume Index on the Size/Role Matrix. However, this approach would exclude the sales volumes of customers that you had in the earlier period but lost in a Get Out event. The approach understates your Negative volatility.

Step 2:

Find the total purchases of each sample customer, both today and at the earlier period.

Step 3:

Find each instance of volatility, both positive and negative, in these sample customers over the last three years.

Step 4:

Follow the approach described in detail in Analysis 27 to arrive at the components of the company's market share change.

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