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We offer this service to individuals, companies and professional firms. We designed
StrategyStreet to be of particular help to professional firms. If you are a professional firm who would like to use
StrategyStreet in your client work, please call or email us to discuss your needs and our support to you.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (925) 377-2020

In your subscription, you will receive

  • A thoroughly documented approach to Diagnose a company's market situation in

    • Segmentation

    • Product and Service Innovation

    • Pricing

    • Cost Management

  • Several thousand new ideas, unavailable anywhere else in the world, to improve a company's

    • Customer segmentation by need

    • Development of successful new products and services

    • Establishment of prices for the long-term profitability

    • Management of costs to create economies of scale

WARRANTY: If, after subscribing, you are disappointed with it for any reason, contact us and we will refund your full subscription amount.