Basic Strategy Guide is the StrategyStreet centerpiece for all subscribers. We have developed it to help you
develop your skills in
diagnosing your competitive challenges and
improving your Company's market share and return on investment. Strategy

Description of the Basic Strategy Guide


Basic Strategy Guide asks you to undertake four activities:

  • Segment your market to identify target customers More>>

  • Develop new products and services to serve those customers More>>

  • Establish a pricing policy to offer good value to your customers and to discourage competition More>>

  • Manage your cost structure to produce an attractive return More>>


Each step of the
Basic Strategy Guide follows the same format:

  • Picture of end result: Provides a picture or short summary of the end result.

  • What: Explains the objective of each step and how to reach this objective.

  • Why: Explains the reasons the step is necessary for the activity.

  • What to Watch For: Summarizes our research on, and experiences with, the step.

  • Action: Recommends an action to take.

  • More Information: Directs you to the Advanced Site for a fuller explanation of a concept.

Description of Advanced Site

Basic Strategy Guide links will lead you back from the Advanced Site to your current step in the Basic Strategy Guide or to your next step.


At the conclusion of each activity in the Basic Strategy Guide, you will have:

  • A thorough understanding of the subject

  • And of your company’s position
    in the market

  • Plus new ideas to improve your position

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