Improve Your Ability to Manage Costs

StrategyStreet helps you control your costs by setting reasonable targets for low costs and then managing your economies of scale for a more effective cost structure.

PROBLEMS calling for better management of costs:
SOLUTION: More Effective Management of Unit Costs
  • Benchmark the cost structures of your
    best competitors

    • Financial gap: How much must you reduce cost to match them?

    • Rates and management approaches: Are they managing costs fundamentally differently?

    • Customer mix: Would a change in customers reduce your costs?

  • Develop
    your own
    unique approaches to cost management

    • Typical costs: What costs does the typical business incur?

    • Cost Productivity: How do you measure cost productivity easily and practically?

    • Economies of Scale: Are unit costs declining over time?

    • Techniques: Can you use one or more of the four basic techniques to reduce costs?

HOW: We suggest you follow Four Steps

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