Improve Your Ability to Segment Customers

StrategyStreet helps you segment your customers. These customer segments result from analyses of customer relationship sizes and needs. Your key customer segments allow you to grow market share profitably.

PROBLEMS calling for better customer segmentation:
SOLUTION: New Customer Segments
  • By the importance of the market segment
    • Size of customer relationship: Does the customer segment buy enough to matter?
    • Segment volatility: Can you capture and retain the customer market share in motion?
    • Segment profitability: Does the customer segment cover your costs?
  • By the needs of the target customer segments
    • Physical: How does the customer segment use, transport and store the product?
    • Emotional: Can you improve the market segment’s experience, either individually or as part of a social segment?
    • Intellectual: Would some segments benefit from more knowledge about the product?
HOW: We suggest you follow Four Steps

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