StrategyStreet In Brief offers a complete, step-by-step process supported by several thousand new ideas to:

  • Segment your market
  • Develop product and service innovations for your chosen segments
  • Set attractive pricing
  • Manage costs to produce good returns

This program was developed over many years of experience in, and research on, markets of every kind.

We offer this experience and research in three integrated sections. The first two, the
Basic Strategy Guide and the
Advanced Site, help you diagnose and improve your situation. The third section,
Diagnostic Tools, provides additional perspective and context.

1) The Basic Strategy Guide is the centerpiece for all subscribers. The purpose of this guide is to minimize the time it takes you to conduct the four activities above.
Basic Strategy Guide>>

2) The Advanced Site: Once you are familiar with the Basic Strategy Guide, you may want to turn to the more extensive ideas and explanations in the Advanced Site. This part of StrategyStreet has two sections:
Diagnose and

The Diagnose Section provides a detailed approach to understanding your situation in the marketplace. The approach applies consistently in any market.

The Improve Section offers thousands of new ideas, drawn from over 400 industries, to promote innovation and idea generation as you consider ways to improve performance. These ideas are unique to StrategyStreet. Examples of Innovation Ideas >>

3) Diagnostic Tools provides additional strategic perspective and knowledge. This section helps you acquire a deeper understanding of the implications of market developments, develop effective analyses and actions, and benchmark your financial performance.

In addition, there are pop-up links to Glossary Terms and Examples>> that you will find helpful as you work through the programs.

How StrategyStreet Solves Common Strategic Problems

StrategyStreet provides your company with an approach to strategy development that has been developed and tested in more than 50 industries with varying characteristics. More>>

The Result

  • Segments: Your marketing and sales costs decline.
  • Products and Services: You win new customer sales volume and retain existing business better than your competitors.
  • Pricing: You offer an attractive price for customers and discourage competitors.
  • Cost: You develop Economies of Scale and reduce your unit cost.

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