Manage Costs


Step 3. Complete Activity Four: Steps 24 to 30 in the Basic Strategy Guide

Activity Four: Manage Costs (Steps 24-30):
Manage the Company’s cost structure to create Economies of Scale while offering good value to Core customers.

This activity assumes that the Company has created a good value proposition for its target customers. You cannot reduce your costs to increase your profits unless you have customers buying your product. Before you can reduce your costs, then, you first have to find customers and offer them a good value, in the form of unique products and services at an attractive price compared to competition. You do this with the first three activities of the
Basic Strategy Guide.

This fourth activity reduces the cost per unit of product you sell. It begins by helping you set reasonable targets for yourself. Some markets are simply more profitable than others and some companies are better positioned in their markets than others. This activity helps you set the right targets for your profitability compared to competition. The most effective way for you to reach your profit targets is to be sure that your organization is reducing its cost per unit of product sold as the business grows. This creates better Productivity and Economies of Scale. This return management activity centers on helping you create these Economies of Scale so that no comparably sized competitor will be able to match your Return on Investment.

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