Costs: New Approach to Diagnosing Your Cost Situation

Here's What's New on StrategyStreet

StrategyStreet has a new look! We have added new features and more access options. In addition to this new look, we have also rewritten our Diagnose/Cost section of StrategyStreet.

Over the last several months, we have worked to upgrade the site by improving the learning tools. We added Self Tests and Worksheets for each step in the Basic Strategy Guide, along with new Audio Tips. We have improved the instant glossary feature and the navigation bar.

We have changed the home page of StrategyStreet, along with each page associated with the home page. We made these changes with two objectives in mind. First, we wanted to tie StrategyStreet to specific problems that the beginning subscriber may be facing. Second, we wanted to provide more detailed advice on how to use StrategyStreet. The new pages offer much more guidance on how to begin to use StrategyStreet.

We have also improved our access options, especially for individuals. StrategyStreet now offers individual subscribers one day and one week subscriptions by using a credit card payment. Of course, regular corporate subscriptions continue to be available, as well.

We have rewritten our Diagnose/Cost section of StrategyStreet. We have created a more streamlined process to diagnose and improve your Productivity and to increase your Economies of Scale. To complement this new approach in the Advanced Site, we have revised the Basic Strategy Guide Steps 25 through 30. In each of these steps, we have provided new Audio Tips, Videos, Perspectives and Symptoms and Implications for more context. We have also added a good deal of new material to the Advanced Site to support each of these Basic Strategy Guide steps.

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