The StrategyStreet Process

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Board of Directors

Question 10: Is the company creating Economies of Scale as it grows?

Basic Strategy Guide

Step 27: Create countable measures of productivity
Step 28: Evaluate Economies of Scale in each functional cost department
Step 29: Measure Economies of Scale by type of employee

Advanced Site

Diagnose Costs: Part 2: Measuring Current Economies of Scale

* Diagnose Costs: Creating Countable Measures of Productivity

** Diagnose Costs: Productivity and Customer Benefits

** Diagnose Costs: Building Block Costs

** Diagnose Costs: Cost Functions in the Organization

** Diagnose Costs: Intermediate Cost Drivers

** Diagnose Costs: Components of Productivity

* Diagnose Costs: Measuring Economies of Scale in Each Cost Function

** Diagnose Costs: The Concept of Economies of Scale

** Diagnose Costs; Productivity and Time

** Diagnose Costs: Caveat on the Belief in Size

* Diagnose Costs: Measuring Economies of Scale by People Type