Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 3571 1987 Analysts say Digital can price higher than Data General Corp because Digital already has many customers using VAX computers, and they are willing to pay extra for faster VAX s rather than rewriting software to run on lower-priced machines.
2 3577 2002 Hand-held organizers by Handspring, Palm and Hewlett-Packard all have built-in rechargeable batteries that generally can't be replaced without sending the entire unit back to the company for a typical cost of $120.
3 4512 2005 Originally, Independence Air planned to install seat-back TVs similar to those on JetBlue airways, Song and Frontier Airlines. But the cash-squeezed airline thought better of the idea before its Airbuses came off the line. So now it rents a handheld entertainment console with a variety of films, TV episode and music for $10 a flight.
4 4724 1994 American Express will begin to charge walk in and nonrepeat customers (small customers) a fee from $5-25 to book airline tickets that cost less than $100.
5 4724 2004 A leading Caribbean tour operator is advertising remarkable prices for its air-and-land packages to tropical islands. Yet in the small-type statement of conditions it writes: "A $25 booking fee for reservations made inside 21 days or $15 fee for bookings made outside of 21 days is not included in listed prices." Another seller of air-and-land packages to capital cities in Europe and Asia appends a tiny-type paragraph to its offers, which says: "Prices are per person based on double occupancy and a 30-day advance purchase. Purchases within 30 days will incur additional shipping and handling fees." The travel industry seems to suffer from a number of tricky disclosures that hide the true price of products.
6 4812 2003 Comparing prices for text messages can be complicated because they are often sold as part of complex price bundles. However, published prices for individual text messages in Europe are around 15 cents for each message. When text messaging was introduced, many operators didn't charge for it because they weren't sure anyone would use it. Prices were imposed as it began to take off and in most cases haven't come down since.
7 4813 1991 Foreign hotels can tack on any service charge they can get away with when guests make long-distance phone calls. Some hotels impose surcharges of up to 500% for each call, & the income is an important part of their profit margin.
8 4813 1997 Different calling plans of long distance carriers. Apparently a lot of callers don't know they might save money by switching to calling plans. About 62% of consumers were still paying standard rates.
9 5511 2002 A Nissan dealer in Tewksbury, Mass may make only $500 over invoice on a Nissan high end Maxima from a certain doctor client. However she makes up for it in the gross profit she makes off him in parts, service and sales over the 8 years he has been coming for service. She will make $1800 -$2000 on his trade in, and another $100 over the next two years on service. The the profit on the deal adds up to $3500, not just $500.
10 5712 1986 Study finds that delivery prices can vary significantly for furniture stores. For example, the cost of delivering a 6-foot $600 sofabed 10 miles ranges from nothing to more than $40 at Bay Area retailers.
11 5735 2007 Record companies, weary of scraping by on 99-cent song downloads and dwindling CD sales, are trying to dress up and reimagine their most profitable product—the album—to woo music fans on Apple Inc.'s iTunes store. Apple has begun offering fans other incentives to trade up from individual songs to full albums. A feature introduced in 2007 called "complete my album" allows buyers to apply money spent on individual songs toward the cost of the full album it came from.
12 6021 1997 At PNC Bank Corp., customers who bank electronically (through ATMs, phones, and PCs) can bank free with a $500 minimum deposit. Using a teller costs $2 per transaction.
13 6211 2000 E*Trade has taken steps toward personalized service. For $49.95 a year, clients fill out an online questionnaire and get a personalized report with advice on matters such as asset allocation.
14 7372 1999 Intuit now charges $20 per call for technical support on all questions except those involving installation, converting data from older versions or from Money, or product "defects." Alternately, Intuit offers unlimited support for $50.
15 7372 2002 Software sales could provide a buffer against falling hardware prices for EMC. EMC gets money from the initial software sale and an annual maintenance fee. Plus, it has a foot in the door when it comes to selling new applications such as the automated storage provisioning tool announced recently.
16 7372 2004 Software companies generating additional revenue selling users new add ons or increasing maintenance fees. These fees have crept up to as much as 22% or even 25% of the original license fee, from about 15% a few years ago. For example, a company that paid Oracle Corp. its standard licensing fee of $3,995 per user for its e-business suite of business software applications would also pay an annual fee of $599 for software updates and $280 for product support, or 22% of the license fee.
17 7375 2002 AOL also hopes to goose revenues by selling premium services. Along with 8.0, AOL will introduce a $3.95 a month Internet call-waiting service that will take messages from incoming phone calls while members are online. In addition, it may develop varied tiers of pricing for access by dial-up, broadband, and from mobile devices.
18 7375 2004 The Web connection was included in the room rate at the hotels, although some hotels charge from $5 to $15 per day for broadband.
19 7514 2005 Rental-car agency employees are given financial incentives to sell more insurance coverage for their vehicles. For Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, revenue from these plans represents about 15% of the agency's revenue. However, renters often wonder if they really need the policies or if they are covered by their credit card or automotive insurance. The array of products is also daunting from coverage for damage to the rental car, liabilities from damage to people or things outside the rental car and coverage for injuries or loss of personal items inside the car.
20 7900 2002 Consumption is very important for businesses that rely on a two-part revenue stream. Movie theatres, sports arenas and entertainment venues all depend on both the initial purchase of the ticket and then revenue from parking, food and drink and souvenir sales. If ticket holders do not attend events, this source of revenue is lost.

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