Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 2771 1998 AG price increase from May 1994 to August 1996 averaged 3.3% per quarter or 13% annually, from August 1996 to October 1997 their prices increases only 1.4% per quarter or 6% annually.
2 3792 1997 We still are charging a little bit more of a premium down in our Texas plant because there aren’t competitors down there. But for the rest of the United States, basically our pricing is now about the same across the country.
3 3995 2003 During the year 2004, the Company, as an industry leader, plans a 6.5% average price increase.
4 4213 1997 The company did take the unusual step, however, of boosting general freight rates by 4.9% in mid-October. Yet, its principal competitors have not followed along, preferring to wait until the industry's more traditional January 1st rate increase.
5 4512 1987 Continental to raise the unrestricted coach fares on most of its flights as much as 12.5%. The price increase will mainly affect business travelers and others who want to fly during peak travel periods on short notice.
6 4512 2004 Between Los Angeles and Seoul, Korean Air Flights cost $3,285 in business class. Korean's partner, Delta Air Lines, sells the same seats on the same Korean flights for 19% more or $3,904.
7 4812 1998 PageNet is now raising the price. In some regions it has nearly doubled the price to $6 or $7 a month from $4 a month, and other companies seem to be following.
8 4841 1997 The cable company realized a 7% increase in basic pricing, and 160 basis points of margin improvement.
9 4841 1997 TCI raised rates nationwide last summer, an average of 13 percent. TCI lost 70,000 basic and 304,000 premium channel subscribers when it raised rates last summer.
10 4841 1997 TCI plans to raise rates on June 1 for most of its Bay Area customers, in some cases by more than $4 per month. The rates are different per city. For all of Northern CA, rate increases will likely average about 8%, compared to 15% last June.
11 4841 1998 Cable rates rose 8.5% on average last year, four times the inflation rate.
12 4841 2005 Increased rates are expected across the board in the cable industry, with Comcast showing the largest increase at 6%. However, the watchful eye of the federal government and new competition should discourage any extreme jumps. There are calls for legislation which would change the pricing structure, from one flat fee to an a la carte system, allowing subscribers to opt out of services.
13 5200 2006 Duane Reade charges a higher per-pill price for larger bottles of pain relievers as those who buy jugs of pills are less price sensitive to a higher unit price.
14 6021 1995 Bank fees on checking and savings accounts rose far faster than the inflation rate during the past two years. The annual cost of maintaining an interest-bearing checking account climbed an average of 11%. The yearly cost of a regular checking account rose an average of 10%. Maintenance fees on savings accounts climbed 9%. By comparison, consumer prices rose a total of 5.5% during the two-year period.
15 6141 2005 A recent wave of interchange fee (the cost borne by merchants for processing cards) increases on credit cards aren't limited to premium cards. The latest round of interchange fees will raise rates anywhere from 2.7% for a basic Visa card transaction to 9% or more for a transaction made with a corporate card from MasterCard. Fees on a few cards will actually drop; Visa recently lowered some debit-card interchange fees.
16 7299 2009 Bill creep also preys on inertia. Once you've rented a storage unit and filled it with items- valuable or otherwise- that don't fit in your house, it's tough to clean it out, even if the cost keeps rising. Last year, a typical 10-by-10 foot storage unit cost $83.45 a month, or more than $1,000 a year, up from $79.87 a month.
17 7996 1998 In past decade, Sea World raised prices from $25 to $44.52.
18 8011 1997 The company continued to realize premium increases of 6% or more in the quarter across all markets. About 25% of Coventry's membership renewed during the quarter. Management expects price increases of 5% or more through January 1998 when 55-60% of the company's enrollment renews.
19 8099 1988 More hospital emergency departments are offering competitive pricing to regain business lost to free-standing clinics. One Iowa emergency dept. cut charges for treating a sore throat to $30 from $67, but its charge for CPR went from $150 to $400.

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