Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 2111 1998 Although cigarette makers are raising prices, they are also bombarding smokers with promotions to soften the blow. Analysts estimate that smokers are actually paying only around 11% more than they were in September, although prices are up more than 27%.
2 2834 1990 Prescription drug users became so mad over exorbitant prices that they took to the streets, causing Wellcome PLC to drop the price of AZT (anti-AIDS drug) by 40%.
3 2834 2001 GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson will announce today a prescription-drug discount program that will give low-income seniors on Medicare who don't have health benefits discounts on all the company's outpatient drugs. The program will be administered by Express Scripts Inc., a pharmacy benefit manager. The program is part of a growing effort by pharmaceuticals companies to address a growing chorus of complaints from seniors that lifesaving therapies are too expensive. Seniors whose income is less than three times the Federal Poverty limit but too high to make them eligible for Medicaid could participate in the Orange Card Program. The program will offer average discounts of 30%.
4 2834 2009 GlaxoSmithKline PLC, the world's second-biggest drug maker by sales, plans to cut prices in the world's poorest countries and invest 20% of its profit from those markets into building health clinics and other infrastructure. Glaxo's treatments for hepatitis B, general herpes, malaria and asthma are among those that will be subject to price cuts, a Glaxo spokesman said. Glaxo already sells its HIV drugs in these countries at not-for-profit prices, and if those prices aren't already lower than 25% of the developed-world price, they will be reduced, as well, she said.
5 5541 1990 Since the invasion of Kuwait 11 weeks ago, the price of gasoline at the pump hasn't risen as fast as the price paid to refiners. Because big companies are heeding Pres. Bush's warning to restrain prices. Hold sensitive prices down.
6 6022 2003 Fees for using ATMs have been a problem for consumers for years. On Sept. 3, Washington Mutual stopped charging users of its ATMs in the New York area, even ones with accounts at other banks. Meanwhile, Congress is looking at tougher disclosure requirements for mutual-fund fees and for mortgage closing costs, which can be hundreds of dollars.
7 7372 2009 For consumers who bought PCs prior to the free upgrade program, Microsoft said it will charge $119.99 for Windows 7 Home Premium — expected to be the most popular version for consumers — instead of the $129.99 upgrade price for the comparable version of Windows Vista.

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