Advisories: These examples contain warnings and advice that should be considered as you are using the approach to cost improvement described below.

Examples: We offer brief write-ups for each method describing a situation where the idea is used or implied. Use these supporting examples in order to expand your range of ideas. These examples are neither mutually exclusive nor collectively exhaustive.

We offer you both a short version and a long version of some of these products and services concepts. We have enough examples of some of these concepts to expand the concept into more specific concepts with their examples. Use the short version to complete your innovation in less time. Use the long version for more in-depth innovation.

A Final customer buying from an Intermediary. Each of these costs represent steps an Final or end user customer must take in connection with the product purchased from an Intermediary supplier:

3. Maintain Steps: Maintain steps include all activities required to keep the product in working order. These steps include the costs the customer incurs to diagnose and correct product problems.

  1. Knowledge: Add knowledge

    1. Process where product is used – Explain how product can or should operate in customer cost system

      1. Warnings and advice Examples>>

      2. Acquire Examples>>

      3. Use Examples>>

      4. Maintain Short Examples>> Long Examples>>

  2. Resources: Reduce resources required for the use of the product

    1. Money – Reduce the money the customer uses with the product. For more ideas on using pricing, please see the Improve/Pricing section of StrategyStreet.

      1. Reduce the level of payment for use of the product Examples>>

      2. Reduce the customer's spending on people, purchases or capital costs the customer uses with the product itself Examples>>

      3. Reduce the customer's spending on other products used with the product Examples>>

    2. Time – Reduce the time the customer must spend with the product

      1. Reduce steps the customer must use with the product Short Examples>> Long Examples>>

      2. Improve wait times in the process Examples>>

      3. Help customers obtain and use related products Examples>>

      4. Customize the product functions for the customer's use Examples>>

  3. Experience: Enhance the experience the customer has with the product

    1. Associate the company or the product with an image to increase customer pleasure in using the product Examples>>

    2. Increase the customer's sense of security with the product

      1. Warnings and advice Examples>>

      2. The product works Examples>>

      3. We can fix problems promptly Examples>>

      4. Your investment is safe Examples>>

      5. Your person is safe Examples>>

    3. Entertain the customer while waiting for or using the product Examples>>

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