Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the use or the consumption of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed for evaluation and acquisition of the product.

Knowledge: Add knowledge

Relative benefits – Help customers understand the unique benefits of your product

B. Establish reputation for brand

Associate product with particular values to imply relative benefits
Personal values


No. Year SIC Note
1 2000 2082 Importer Labatt USA Inc. has begun to position its Dos Equis brand against the European imports that beer snobs prefer, emphasizing Dos Equis' quality and the Germanic roots of the beer's recipe.
2 1991 3711 BMW ads in the 1980s emphasized yuppie gratification. Now, ads stress quality and value in the product.
3 2002 3711 Although Porsche has modernized many of its production techniques, the outermost layers of paint on each car are applied by hand, and its engines remain unchanged and hand-assembled.
4 2001 3711 BMW is attempting an unprecedented and highly aggressive product expansion, in which all of its models will compete based on their quality and technology rather than their price.
5 2003 3711 Car-makers from the American market are constantly losing to foreign based car makers such as Toyota and Honda. Companies such as Volkswagen and DaimlerChrysler are trying to buy out the large luxury names and sell their cars for high prices in the U.S.
6 2002 3711 The oversupply of relatively new, high-quality vehicles threatens to severely depress the prices of new and used vehicles. GM wants to sell "certified" vehicles and has sold more in the US than any other automaker.
7 2002 5812 Sandwich sales since 1996 have increased 9% a year, more than double the rate of fast food hamburger chains. Panera Bread's sales in December rose 6.3%. The company's success shows the unmet demand for upscale quick service. Panera's bread may be its biggest selling point because it offers more than a dozen varieties, as well as bagels, croissants, muffins and pastries.
8 2002 5812 Traditional sandwiches are gaining ground on fast-food burgers. The upscale sandwich versions found at bakery cafes such as Panera Bread Co are becoming more popular. Panera's product quality and the atmosphere of its stores are different from Subway or Blimpy type sandwich shops in that they have more variety in the menu and they sell specialty bread items.

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