Final Customer Purchasing from the Product Producer

Maintain Steps: Maintain steps include all activities required to keep the product in working order. These steps include the costs the customer incurs to diagnose and correct product problems.

Emotional: Segment customers according to the personal emotional needs of the segment.

A. Needs for comfort and status

3. Status through the recognition of customer's individual needs for product

Convenience of:
Maintenance and service

No. SIC Year Note
1 0 1998 When General Electric Chairman foresaw that the profitability of aircraft engines and appliances was falling, he moved the company into a new profit zone – the financing, servicing , and maintenance of those products.
2 0 2002 Radical new applications of radio frequency identification (RFID) are just beginning to advance. New sensors, transmitters and actuators can detect and transmit new depths of environmental information. Other advances are being made in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), which have tiny sensors and actuators that can not only pick up information but also act on it.
3 200 1987 Embrex has a prototype machine that can vaccinate 25,000 birds an hour: it vaccinates the eggs rather than hatched birds. This protects chicks at an earlier stage of development.
4 1521 2004 Since instituting new customer care procedures and more careful contractor training programs two years ago, KB Home homebuilder's warranty claims are down 90%, while lawsuits and legal expenses have fallen 20%, even though the company is building 25% more homes.
5 1600 2005 The energy market is a big user of project software. Because most of the global firms run several projects simultaneously across the world, they are dependent on database software that helps keep tabs on costs, logistics and productivity.
6 2813 2004 Air Liquide, the French producer of industrial gases found a way to produce gasses in small plants on-site at customers' factories. Staff is stationed permanently at client sites -putting them in a prime position to help customers improve operating efficiency and increase output quality. These teams are given greater autonomy and able to act on new opportunities. These high-margin services constitute about 25% of Air Liquide's revenues.
7 2842 1998 American Fluid Technologies is a company that was founded to solve a problem. Water-treatment-system suppliers provided the products but had weak maintenance services. American Fluid took care of the problem by servicing the equipment it makes.
8 3400 2003 Many domestic bearing manufacturers are assembling customized products from one standard part paired with specialized parts. Additionally, domestic manufacturers are offering installation, engineering, and maintenance services that their foreign competitors cannot.
9 3570 1992 Compaq offers a free one-year, on-site limited warranty that covers "just about anything that could happen to your COMPAQ hardware, anywhere it happens in the U.S. or Canada.
10 3571 1992 Five leaders of desktop computer industry agreed to establish common standards that will allow companies to more efficiently manage the PCs that they tie together in computer networks.
11 3571 1999 In the past month, Sun acquired Star Division. The merger allows Sun to offer a more complete dot-com offering. Star Division deal gives Sun a suite of products similar to Microsoft Office. What makes Star really flexible is that it can be written onto and operate directly over the Web. Rather than load software for services, the programs reside in equipment in more central locations. This frees the customer from the continual need to upgrade that other computer users face.
12 3571 2002 Until recently, Dell relied solely on partners to perform high-end computer services, but it began building its own professional services group. It's being selective about the areas where it will provide services.
13 3571 2003 Servers are shrinking in size as new smaller components emerge. That's helping drive down prices. The fastest growth area is in industry-standard servers. These are built to run on Intel Corp. chips with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system. Such combinations are referred to as Wintel machines. Dell's server strategy focuses on these industry-standard servers. HP is the worldwide leader in sales of small and midsize Wintel servers.
14 3651 2003 Apple's iPod MP3 player was an instant hit when it was launched two years ago. It was head and shoulders above its rivals: easy to use, elegantly designed, and, best of all, held 1,000 songs. 18% of all digital music players sold in the U.S. were iPods last year. These sales, and the lofty price tag of $300 to $500 a pop, helped propel Apple's growth. Now Apple is planning to take its product to a whole new level. It is announcing a Windows version of the iTunes Music Store.
15 3651 2005 High-end digital cameras that sell for less than $1,000, like Canon's Digital Rebel XT, Nikon's D70 or D50, don't offer the same advantages as a professional camera. Most point-and-shoot digitals offer the space-efficient JPEG format, often with three levels of quality. There is a difference in quality over time between JPEG formats, because it discards, and thus loses, some data each time an image is opened and then recompressed when closed. Formats like TIFF (Tagged Image Filled Format) and RAW (unprocessed) use much more memory than JPEGs but preserve quality. TIFF doesn't discard any of the digital image data, even pros who shoot in JPEG often make a point of saving a master image in TIFF for editing and reuse. RAW approximates a digital negative, it can take up more memory than JPEG but about half as much as TIFF. You can adjust the color or sharpen the contrast. However, the RAW programs offered on many cameras is not compatible with other processing programs. PhotoShop can help with this problem.
16 3694 1988 Mars Electronics' portable laser scan terminal is PC compatible and BASIC programmable.
17 3715 2003 DaimlerChrysler is pushing its North American customers to use engines supplied by Mercedes-Benz or Detroit Diesel, the heavy-duty engine maker DaimlerChrysler bought in 2000. DaimlerChrysler puts its own engines in 60% of its Freightliner trucks. Its next move is to replace three engine families from Europe, North America and Asia with just one.
18 3800 2002 Xerox recently introduced a new standard feature on its high-end copiers known as "remote interactive communication," or RIC. RIC is a system inside the copier that monitors the information technology controlling the machine and, using some artificial-intelligence techniques, predicts when the machine will next break down. Once RIC predicts a breakdown will occur, it automatically places a call to a branch office and downloads its prediction, along with its reasoning. A computer at the branch office does further analysis and schedules a repair person to visit the site before the expected time of failure.
19 3861 2000 Kodak is building, a massive data network for digital images for consumers and retailers. It is investing equity in a handful of hot photo sites, launching Kodak's own internet business called PrintatKodak and selling online printing services.

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