StrategyStreet also provides you with an array of diagnostic and learning tools to help you during the course of the program.

The Symptoms and Implications section allows you to check current developments in your industry in order to understand their implications for the future of your marketplace. These Symptoms and Implications come from our observation of many other businesses that have confronted difficult times.

In most market situations you encounter, you need to develop further information about your business and marketplace in order to determine your best course of action. The Analyses section helps you gain new insights on your customer segments, value proposition and cost position relative to competitors.

Since 1985, we have conducted an ongoing in-depth study of companies and industries who face particularly competitive marketplaces. The Perspectives section of this website enables you to apply the results of this extensive research to your business situation.

Our comprehensive Glossary of Terms provides an easy and immediate reference of business and strategy terms that recur throughout StrategyStreet. Use the complete list here or simply click on the green in-text glossary links whenever you encounter a term you’d like defined or clarified.

In sections of StrategyStreet that deal with industry-specific information, we use Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes for easy reference. If you need to know your company’s SIC code, you can find this information on your company’s tax return or look it up with our SIC Finder.