Gold Competitor

A Standard Leader who holds the largest or second largest unit market share in its industry, gains share and enjoys above industry average returns.
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Silver Competitor


Example 1:

Coca Cola's Minute Maid gained 3.8 share points in the frozen orange juice market near the end of 1992, when Procter &Gamble's Citrus Hill dropped out of the market. Overall, Minute Maid enjoyed a 34% market share in the category. (Year 1992-SIC 2037)

Explanation:Coca Cola's Minute Maid was a Gold Competitor in the orange juice market. It is gaining share from a position in the top two in the industry and it is enjoying good returns.

Example 2:

Frito-Lay has been expanding its core line of Fritos, Doritos, Rold Gold Pretzels and Lays potato chips while branching out into new "better for you" products, like baked chips and fat-free pretzels. Anheuser-Busch announced it will sell off its Eagle Snacks business. Borden sold off many of its regional snack companies last year as part of a huge restructuring, and England's United Biscuits Holdings put its snack business up for sale this summer. (Year 1995-SIC 2096)

Explanation:Frito-Lay is the dominant leader in its snack food industry. Its number one position in market share and profits makes it clearly a Gold Competitor.

Example 3:

In 1997, the top five truckload carriers listed by revenue are: 1) Schneider National; 2) JB Hunt; 3) Landstar System; 4) Werner Enterprises; and 5) Swift Transportation. (Year 1998-4213)

Explanation: Schneider National is the leading truck load trucking company in the country and is a strong Gold Competitor.

Example 4:

Size is a big advantage in the wholesale grocery business–and Supervalu is easily the biggest grocery wholesaler–giving it a lot of buying clout with suppliers and allowing the wholesaler to spread fixed costs over a larger sales base. Over the last few years, the company has bought a dozen major wholesale and retail food operations. (Year 1994-SIC 5140)

Explanation: SuperValu is the leader in the grocery wholesaling industry. It is a Gold Competitor.

Example 5:

Because of its enormous buying power, Barnes &Noble is able to undercut Black Oak Books by up to 40% on many of its titles. (Year 1995-SIC 2942)

Explanation:Barnes &Noble is a Gold Competitor in the book retailing industry. Its enormous size enables it to squeeze out many smaller book stores with lower prices and ample selection. It is a Gold Competitor.