SELF TEST #6: Volatility and Its Measurement

Test #1:

What is an index?

Test #2:

What does an index over 100 tell us about the entity being measured compared to the base entity?

Test #3:

If the market as a whole has volatility of 8%, what would be the volatility of the Very Large customer/Primary role segment of the market if its volatility index was 125?

Test #4:

What is volatility?

Test #5:

How does volatility differ from normal growth?

Test #6:

What is positive volatility?

Test #7:

What is negative volatility?

Test #8:

What is a good guess for annual volatility in a Stable or Developing market?

Test #9:

What is a good guess for volatility in a Hostile marketplace?

Test #10:

Why is volatility low in Hostile marketplaces?

Test #11:

In a Hostile marketplace, where on the Size/Role matrix would you expect volatility to be high and low?

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